2016 Candidates’ Announcement Days on Twitter (Infographic)

The announcement Tuesday by Donald Trump that he was throwing his hat into the ring sent the 2016 presidential season into high gear, but how did Trump and the other early favorites, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush, fare on Twitter?

Social relationship platform provider Spredfast analyzed Twitter mentions within the first 24 hours of the announcements by Trump, Clinton and Bush, as well as the top associated hashtags.

Findings by Spredfast included:

  • Clinton edged Trump in terms of tweets on the days of their respective announcements, with Bush lagging well behind.
  • Bush was also the only candidate to see the most-used related hashtag have a negative connotation: #nomorebushes.
  • Trump’s comment during his speech about paying $3 for websites drew a lot of attention.

Readers: Who do you see as the early favorite?


2016 election image courtesy of Shutterstock.