How To Market With Social Networks

Social networks such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook are the most recent forms of marketing available on the internet today. All this type of marketing entails is for you to set up a profile, creating relationships, and keeping in contact with those relationships. All of these can be done while you are secretly promoting your product. Many business owners consider social networks a great place to post free advertisements.

On any given day there are millions of people from all over the world on these sites, this can mean a great pool of potential clients; to you the business owner. When you first join a social network though, you need to use caution when you are promoting your business. Social networks are not just a place to put free advertisements for your business. In fact most social networks actually sell advertising. With this in mind if they see just advertisements in your profile, they will most likely ban you. This can be damaging to any potential sales that you may have made in that network. You can buy advertising from the network but they can come at a very hefty price tag due to the popularity.

The key to making a success, out of your marketing campaign, is to sell yourself instead of your product or service. This is a newer concept of the social networking channels and is quickly gaining popularity between business owners and it usually leads to several contacts. Instead of working so hard on creating your sales pitch, work on building a great profile.

Start out by introducing yourself and a little about what you do; leave out the link to your business. Over time as you create relationships with other members, they will begin to ask you about your business. Then is the time to show them the link. These are the exact types of leads that you should be looking for instead of pushing your product. These are the leads that will eventually lead to other leads, as the member tells others about your product or service.

One thing to note though is you need to be sure that your product or service is age appropriate. A majority of the social network members are under the age of 30. Be sure to verify ages before promoting your product. In doing this you can save yourself time on wasted leads because a teenager is not going to be as likely to purchase your product as an adult.

One final note on your marketing campaign with social networks is to keep in contact. Even if the member has already purchased your product, it is very important that you stay in contact with that person. If you fail to do so, they will feel you were just after their money, and they will not tell others about your product.

Marketing with social networks can be a very prosperous voyage, if you understand the basic principles.

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