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OnePlus says it will fix the OnePlus 5’s dangerous 911 bug + MORE

A few days ago, a OnePlus 5 discovered a terrifying bug that made it impossible to call an emergency number, posting the entire story on Reddit. Instead of successfully making a 911 call, the phone would reboot, which is quite a scary scenario for anyone looking to get help in a situation that requi.... More »

Leaked photos show iPhone 8 in a brand new color we’ve never seen before + MORE

Will Apple have any surprises left in store when it finally unveils the iPhone 8 next month? If we had to guess, we'd say no. Now that mass production is underway, iPhone 8 leaks are really pouring in and any remaining mysteries are being answered left and right. This past weekend in particular saw .... More »

These are the Intel chips Apple’s powerful new iMac Pro deserves + MORE

Apple unveiled a new iMac version during its WWDC keynote last month, the iMac Pro that was featured in a variety of rumors preceding the event. On stage, Apple talked about the all-in-one’s design and its high-end specs that should deliver the kind of power pro users expect. Since then, we saw ad.... More »

This is our best look yet at the OnePlus 5 + MORE

In just a few hours, OnePlus will take the wraps off a device that’s hardly a secret. We practically know everything there is to know about it, and there’s even a video preview of the phone that was published on YouTube a day before the actual event. Before that, OnePlus and Amazon pus.... More »

Intel CEO quits Trump’s advisory council, leaving Dell as only tech company

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has become the third CEO in a day to quit President Trump's manufacturing council in protest, the company announced in a blog post late Monday. Krzanich said "I stand with others for equality and improving US competitiveness. Both require improving in todays environment." C.... More »
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