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ZTE’s Axon M packs the power of two smartphones into one with foldable dual screens + MORE

As radical as the iPhone X may look when compared to Apple's other recent smartphone releases, it's still a fairly standard-looking handset. Save for its edge-to-edge display and the camera housing notch, the iPhone X isn't really breaking any new ground. In fact, neither is Samsung, or really any o.... More »

This free ‘robot lawyer’ will help you beat Uncle Sam anywhere in the United States + MORE

The United States is a democracy, where every citizen has the right to be treated fairly by the legal system, but unfortunately things don't always work out that way. Fighting something as simple as a parking ticket can be a minefield of confusing regulations and obscure rules that seem to have been.... More »

‘Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne’ expansion turns heroes into Death Knights + MORE

On Thursday night, moments before the 2017 HCT Spring Championship series kicked off in China, the Hearthstone team shared a video message introducing the next expansion for the card game: Knights of the Frozen Throne. Unfortunately, a leak spoiled some of the intrigue hours before the announcement.... More »

This is the Galaxy Note 8. Again. + MORE

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 8 later this month, but we can show you the phone today, in all its glory. Continue reading... Trending right now: Leak: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL cases on Amazon may show Google’s new designs Leaked photos show the iPhone 8 of our nightmares, and it better .... More »

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is already looking like a huge success + MORE

Some said it couldn't be done, but Samsung somehow managed to dust itself off and emerge relatively unscathed from the unmitigated disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7. A public relations nightmare to say the least, Samsung last year was forced to discontinue and recall the Note 7 amid a slew of repo.... More »
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