Adidas actually made beer and puke-resistant sneakers for Oktoberfest + MORE

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iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone 7 Plus speed test: No one saw this coming + MORE

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are both available in stores right now, meaning that you can already buy Apple’s fastest iPhone ever. The A11 Bionic chip powering both phones is Apple’s best chip yet, scoring as high as a 2017 MacBook Pro in benchmark tests. It crushes Android devices in real-lif.... More »

Police in Denver converted a Tesla Model S into a slick police car

Tesla's Model S is an absolute speed demon with nearly unrivaled acceleration. Case in point: Tesla's top of the line Model S -- the P100D -- boasts a 0-60 mph time of just 2.28 seconds. Indeed, it's no surprise that Tesla CEO likes boasting that the Model S is the quickest production car on the pla.... More »

Mercedes-Benz is making a $1 billion bet against Tesla + MORE

Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, is spending $1 billion to start the production of electric vehicles at a factory in Alabama. Blockbuster investment in electric vehicle manufacturing in a US state? Sure sounds like someone's trying to take down Tesla. The investment will create Daiml.... More »

Netflix paid an incredible amount for Jerry Seinfeld’s new specials and show + MORE

Jerry Seinfeld's very first Netflix special debuted yesterday, following a long line of comedy exclusives which call the streaming service home. The hour-long event, called Jerry Before Seinfeld, is the first of two exclusive specials the legendary comedian is providing for Netflix, and combined wit.... More »

Apple would be so angry if it knew you added a microSD card slot to your iPhone + MORE

Apple pulls in more profit than any other consumer electronics company in the world, and it’s thanks almost entirely to the iPhone. Those sky-high margins on Apple’s high-end iPhone handsets reel in billions each quarter, and Apple gets people to buy its most expensive iPhones by not inc.... More »

You’ll have to completely relearn how iPhones work for the iPhone X


Apple just wrapped its 2017 iPhone press conference, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are finally official. The iPhone maker practically confirmed everything we learned about these two devices this year, including all the details that came over the weekend from that unexpected iOS 11 leak. The iPhone 8 is the obvious successor to the iPhone 7, while the iPhone X is the iPhone of the future, sporting a buttonless all-screen design…

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Adidas actually made beer and puke-resistant sneakers for Oktoberfest


Fall is approaching which means the cherished festival of Oktoberfest will be kicking off in Germany in just a few days. The official event is mimicked around the globe, with beer lovers coming together to enjoy their favorite beverage and lots of laughs. Never one to miss out on a good opportunity for a pair of special edition kicks, Adidas is rolling out a reimagining of one of its classic designs in honor of the big brewfest, and they’re particularly well suited for the occasion…

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The Autonomous Teleport kit lets you relive memories like you’re there again


Billions of photos and videos are captured on smartphones each year, and people love to flip through them and relive their memories. But what if you could relive them as if you… were actually reliving them? The Autonomous Teleport Virtual Reality Kit attaches to any Android smartphone and packs two cameras that record video in 3D…

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