Adidas actually made beer and puke-resistant sneakers for Oktoberfest + MORE

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iOS 11 was just released and Apple already had to update it + MORE

iOS 11 adoption is already seeing impressive numbers, although it’s lagging behind iOS 10 adoption according to a new report. Apple’s major iPhone and iPad operating system was officially released a week ago, and Apple already has an update for it, version 11.0.1. Just like other iOS releases in.... More »

The Animoji app Apple should have made is now available for download

Animoji are great. Animoji are amazing. However, to use them you need two things: an iPhone X, and the iMessage app. That’s right -- there’s no way to play with Animoji unless you do it inside the default iPhone messaging app, as Apple did not make a standalone Animoji app for it. However, a dev.... More »

Google’s secret mobile OS might have one feature Android never will + MORE

If you’ve been following mobile news for as long as we have, you probably know that Google is already working on a new operating system called Fuchsia. The OS is so secret that Google never unveiled it. At the same time, Fuchsia traces have been found out in the wild, and various reports have been.... More »

Watch a flaming meteor streak across the night sky in China

Citizens in southwestern China who were out and about on Wednesday evening were treated to a spectacular celestial light show thanks to a massive meteor that lit up the sky. Many in the region were celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and attempting to catch a glimpse of the full moon when the meteor.... More »

16 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week + MORE

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch that Kingsman: The Golden Circle sequel that’s opening this week. And I’ve yet to see that scary movie that everyone is talking about -- I think you know exactly what It is. But before any of that, it’s time for some brand new movie trailer.... More »

You’ll have to completely relearn how iPhones work for the iPhone X


Apple just wrapped its 2017 iPhone press conference, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are finally official. The iPhone maker practically confirmed everything we learned about these two devices this year, including all the details that came over the weekend from that unexpected iOS 11 leak. The iPhone 8 is the obvious successor to the iPhone 7, while the iPhone X is the iPhone of the future, sporting a buttonless all-screen design…

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Adidas actually made beer and puke-resistant sneakers for Oktoberfest


Fall is approaching which means the cherished festival of Oktoberfest will be kicking off in Germany in just a few days. The official event is mimicked around the globe, with beer lovers coming together to enjoy their favorite beverage and lots of laughs. Never one to miss out on a good opportunity for a pair of special edition kicks, Adidas is rolling out a reimagining of one of its classic designs in honor of the big brewfest, and they’re particularly well suited for the occasion…

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The Autonomous Teleport kit lets you relive memories like you’re there again


Billions of photos and videos are captured on smartphones each year, and people love to flip through them and relive their memories. But what if you could relive them as if you… were actually reliving them? The Autonomous Teleport Virtual Reality Kit attaches to any Android smartphone and packs two cameras that record video in 3D…

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