Microsoft’s Massive Surface Hub Opens For Orders July 1

Start making space in your conference rooms, IT managers: Microsoft will open its monster Surface Hub for orders on July 1, with shipping in September. See also: Holograms! Also, What Else Microsoft Announced At Its Windows 10 EventEssentially an oversized, touch-friendly tablet, the device will come with huge prices to match, at $7,000 (55-inch model) and $19,000 (84-inch model). The device is targeted at companies in need of massive … [Read more...]

App Makers Now Have More Access To The Guts Of The Apple Watch

On Monday, at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, the closed-off Apple Watch cracked open a little wider for developers, who will now get to build truly native apps that take full advantage of the wrist device's hardware features.See also: Apple Just Threw Some Shade At Pebble And Watch App DevelopersAs the company noted, it has been six weeks since the wearable device’s launch, and with Apple’s Kevin Lynch taking the wraps … [Read more...]

Google’s Offering Smarter Tools For Smarter Apps And Homes

When it comes to developer tools, Google made them rain like a dance enthusiast bestowing dollar bills on a virtuoso performer Thursday at its Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco.The announcements covered updates on existing software tools, as well as brand-new ones for everyone from game developers, virtual-reality media creators, as well as app makers trying to connect our smart homes.Now it's time for developers to strut their … [Read more...]

What Jony Ive’s Fancy New Title As Chief Design Officer Means

Apple’s move to bring its product designer extraordinaire, Jony Ive, into its "C suite” should surprise no one, given how large he looms over the company’s products. At the same time, the news of Ive’s new position as Chief Design Officer—which broke on Memorial Day—seems to have come out of left field.Three years ago, CEO Tim Cook gave Ive dominion over Apple’s mobile software interfaces and hardware design. The new responsibilities gave him … [Read more...]

Get Your Faces Ready: Oculus Announces 2nd Developer Conference This Fall

Oculus CTO John Carmack at Oculus Connect in 2014.In mere months, Oculus will show off its latest cool tools for virtual reality game and app makers. The Facebook-owned company announced Thursday that its second annual developer conference, Connect 2, will get underway September 23 to 25 in Hollywood, Calif.Developer conferences have become much more than geeky industry events in recent years. They’ve become hype machines for tech companies, who … [Read more...]

“Virtual Rooms” For The Apple Smart Home Sound Like A Great Idea

Since Apple announced its HomeKit smart home initiative last year, it's been mostly quiet about just how iPhones and other Apple gadgets will wrangle those connected devices. Now, however, the company may have a fancy new app in the works—complete with virtual rooms, a clever and apparently easy-to-grasp metaphor for running a smart home.Apple’s approach, according to a 9to5Mac report, will be to launch a new "Home" app for controlling smart-home … [Read more...]

Facebook Wants To Bring Games To Messenger

In its transformation from simple messaging tool to app platform, Facebook Messenger is fixing to take another step: The social network’s standalone chat app will soon tie into game apps, according to The Information. At least, that’s the gist of Facebook’s latest maneuver. The company confirmed that it’s in talks with third-party developers to bring their games to the messaging service.The move ticks another checkbox for Facebook as it … [Read more...]

Qualcomm Makes Its Bid To Connect Our Future

Connecting your home, car, body and city to the Internet looks set to go from sci-fi fantasy to inevitability. And when that future finally becomes our de facto way of life, Qualcomm wants to make sure that its parts are running that multitude of devices and appliances.Which explains the chipmaker's deep interest in bringing forth its vision for the “Internet of Everything” (more commonly known as the “Internet of Things” by almost everyone … [Read more...]

Welcome Back, Windows Mobile

It took hundreds of years, but thanks to Microsoft, we finally have an answer to William Shakespeare’s immortal question: “What’s in a name?” Apparently, the identity of the company's mobile platform. Microsoft announced Wednesday that it's effectively resurrecting the predecessor to the ungainly Windows Phone label it slapped on its mobile software five years ago. Mobile versions of its Windows operating system will be known again as … [Read more...]

I Made An Apple Watch App Concept In 15 Minutes, And So Can You

Got an idea for an Apple Watch app? Now you can make your own no-fuss, interactive prototype—no device, no downloads and no coding knowledge required. ThinkApps launched a free online tool Tuesday that lets users throw together a working concept, complete with glances and notifications, using drag and drop.An on-demand service for designing and building Web, mobile and wearables apps, ThinkApps created a DIY tool that looks both basic and robust … [Read more...]

Speaker Profile: Intel’s Ayse Ildeniz, On How Women Will Fuel The Wearables Market

Wearable World Congress, ReadWrite's signature annual conference in San Francisco on May 19-20, will feature the key players who are shaping wearable technology and the Internet of Things. This series profiles some of the experts who will be speaking at the conference.Women may be underrepresented in technology as a whole, but they'll loom large for one of its hottest niches, wearable devices. The way Intel’s Ayse Ildeniz sees it, “women—as … [Read more...]

Android May Finally Give Users Some Control Over App Permissions

Android users may soon be able to ride herd on their apps with fine-grained permission controls, Bloomberg sources say. If so, it's about time.According to "people familiar with the matter,” Google will let people cherry-pick the data that mobile apps can jack into. In other words, those smartphone and tablet users could stop an app from gleaning contacts and location, but let it pull from, say, their photos.See also: So Cyanogen's Big Plan To … [Read more...]

The Apple TV’s Supposed New Touchpad Is A Terrible Idea

Apple’s rumored touchpad in its upcoming Apple TV remote control sounds like a horrendous idea. And yet, citing an anonymous source, the New York Times contends that the touch-friendly hardware will join the new streaming set-top box this summer. The Times noted that the original version’s minimalistic design exemplified the company’s approach to easy usability. But with the new addition, Apple will bring the remote in line with … [Read more...]

Facebook Opens To Developers—Just Not Very Much

Facebook is learning a valuable lesson: Giving away Internet access is hard. Making a business out of giving a little bit away and then charging for more is even, Mark Zuckerberg's plan to offer free Internet to the developing world, has always been a commercial affair cloaked in high-mindedness. If there was any doubt about that, it’s become even clearer in Facebook's response to Indian net-neutrality supporters who … [Read more...]