BuzzFeed Launches BuzzFeed News App on iOS

BuzzFeed has announced the release of its BuzzFeed News app on iOS, combining BuzzFeed’s stories with major news from around the Web. The app focuses on quick news consumption, allowing users to “catch up” on the most important current stories in a scrollable feed, with content selected by BuzzFeed’s editors.

The catch up feed begins with a bulleted list of top stories, before breaking each down (and offering more stories) as users scroll. The app contains more than just the headlines, as each story is presented alongside a short summary, and some also include further background information to help readers understand the context or importance of each story. Finally, the app supports embedded newsworthy tweets and GIFs which autoload as users scroll.

Users can tap to head to BuzzFeed or the appropriate news source to read each complete article, and can share each story via text, email, Twitter or Facebook, and so on.

Outside of this home feed, users can customize their notifications, prompting the app to send push notifications for only the most breaking news, for all worldwide news, U.S. specific news, sports, business and more.

BuzzFeed News is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Google Play.

Vimeo Relaunches Cameo Video Creation App on iOS

Vimeo’s video-editing app Cameo, which the company acquired in 2014, has been relaunched as Version 2.0 on iOS in hopes of giving users more freedom when creating and editing their projects. Technically a new app, Cameo offers new features and a focus on video creation and editing, rather than on social networking.

With the new Cameo app, users are given two main options: create a new video or browse their finished videos. New videos can be created without any restrictions on the number of clips or clip length, and users can trim videos to the best moments by manually dragging the beginning and end points for each clip.

Themes are still available, combining visual filters and specific fonts for customizing each project. Users can also add a soundtrack to each film, using a selection of songs within the app. These can be browsed based on featured selections or musical genre.


Once each project is complete, users can upload the video directly to Vimeo (either privately or publicly) for sharing around the Web.

In a statement, Andrew Pile, chief technology officer of Vimeo, commented on the new Cameo:

Mobile video creation has skyrocketed over the last few years and while there’s been a number of fun video apps entering the market, none compare to the simplicity and beauty of the all-new Cameo. With today’s unveiling everyone from the professional video creator to the novice video enthusiast has the power to create gorgeous videos on their phones with just a few simple swipes.

Cameo is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app originally launched in October 2013, and included Instagram-like social features and collaborative video creation, which have since been removed.

Minds Launches Virtual Currency-Powered Social Networking App

Minds announced the beta launch of its open-source social networking platform for iOS, Android and the Web. The app was designed in part to help users expand their viral reach, and it offers a points system, giving users control of their content sharing potential.

Upon signup for Minds, users are given 100 points for free, and they can earn more by interacting with content on the platform. Users can share their own videos, images or text messages with the community, and also have the ability to share these posts out to Twitter or Facebook.

During the posting process, users can spend some of their points to increase the post’s reach. Users can either boost the post to the entire network of potential viewers, or request to boost a post to the subscribers of a chosen user (who can either accept or reject). Each point is equal to one view from the overall community.

A discovery feed allows users to browse other users’ profiles or shared content. This allows users to easily find others to subscribe to, or to simply browse shared and/or boosted images or videos. Content is separated into suggested, trending and featured categories. When browsing images or videos, users can rate each item up or down, or tap “pass” to move on.

Minds 1

On the app’s home feed, users can track their own posts and view content from their subscriptions. Each post is listed alongside the number of views and votes, with an additional comment section allowing for more interaction between users.

If two users subscribe to each other, the app’s encrypted chat functionality becomes available for direct and private communication.

In a statement, Bill Ottman, founder and CEO of Minds, commented:

Humanity is clearly craving a global social network that respects freedom, democratization and rewards users as opposed to spying and manipulating algorithms. That’s obvious. Minds appeals to a full spectrum of users, from non-technical people who just want more views on their content, to serious developers who want access to the code to evolve the app how they want.

Minds is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The service is also available on the Web.

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Mobile Game Roundup: Cooking Dash 2016, Vegas Aces and More

This year’s E3 video game convention may have been the major focus for many game developers this week, but many still made time to release new games for mobile devices.

Bethesda led the week, launching Fallout Shelter after its E3 press conference Sunday evening, while Disney released its newest title, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, in association with the theatrical release of Disney Pixar film Inside Out.

Finally, Garfield turns 37 this week, and Animoca Brands has celebrated the occasion by releasing two different match-three games: Garfield’s Epic Food Fight for Android and Garfield Chef: Game of Food on iOS.

Of course, these aren’t the only games that hit app stores this week. Here’s a look at a few others which are now available.

Cooking Dash 2016 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Flo is back in this latest installment of the popular time-management franchise. From Glu Mobile, Cooking Dash 2016 is a level-based title, asking players to cook dishes for customers to match their specific orders. As guests order dishes, players tap on raw ingredients, and tap again on the appropriate prep or cooking stations to prepare each dish. The faster players serve hungry patrons, the more coins they’ll earn and the more stars they’ll receive for the level. Coins can be spent on upgrades for the restaurant, which may improve individual appliances, improve food quality or improve customer patience.

Lines ($2.99 on iOS, Windows Phone) – From Dutch developer Gamious, Lines is a puzzle game offering 250 levels at launch, which can play differently each time they’re tried. In each level, players place or remove a dot to cause multiple colors to fill lines and complete a drawing, in a sort of race. The color with the longest line wins the race.

Bonza National Geographic (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Bonza Word Puzzle creator MiniMega, Bonza National Geographic is a word and image puzzle game combining elements from crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. In keeping with the National Geographic theme, the puzzles here focus on topics like animals, travel, Earth, humanity and science. In each game, players tap and drag pieces of a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, which each contain portions of images or words. For instance, in a word puzzle, one piece may contain the letters “pl,” while another piece contains “us.” Players would combine them to form the word “plus.” While the game offers a few puzzle packs for free, additional packs can be purchased with free currency or real money.

Dream Drop (Free on iOS) – From 505 Games, Tic Toc Games and The Broken Toy Studios, Dream Drop is a level-based puzzle game, challenging players to help a young girl defeat Night Terrors and protect the world’s “sleep.” In each stage, players are presented with an assortment of colorful Night Terror symbols at the top of the screen, and must tap to pick up a chosen Night Terror at the bottom of a column. Players tap again to launch the symbol back at the formation, with the goal of creating groups of three or more like-colored Night Terrors, removing them from the screen. Dream Drop offers 120 levels at launch, and players have access to power-ups to help them complete stages.

Happy Kitten (Free on iOS) – An endless survival game from Pine Entertainment, Happy Kitten sees players helping a flying kitten progress through space by tapping on the screen to help her land on floating islands. As the kitten bounces off of islands, players must time their taps to ensure that she lands safely on the next island and doesn’t fall off of the screen. Players are encouraged to share their high scores with friends.

Rush of Heroes (Free on Android) – After a release in limited territories, Firefly Games has announced the worldwide release of this action RPG on Android devices. Rush of Heroes sees players creating a team of heroes and taking them into battle to earn treasure. Players can complete dungeons, as well as arena player-vs.-player battles and guild wars. In addition, the game offers mini-games themed around fishing, mining and an endless runner “Gold Rush” mode. During soft launch in China, Korea, Taiwan and Canada, Rush of Heroes was downloaded more than 70 million times.

Downhill Riders (Free on iOS) – From Happymagenta, Downhill Riders is a challenging endless survival game, which sees players speeding down steep hills, tapping on two buttons to change lanes or jump over obstacles. Players may collect coins as they race, and can spend these on new “vehicles” for future rides. The game supports automatic video recording, so players can share their replays with friends.

Game of Dragons (Free to try on iOS) – From G5 Entertainment, Game of Dragons sees players teleported to a world of magic and dragons, where they’re challenged to help a princess save her kingdom. The hidden-object adventure game sees players collecting key items and solving puzzles on one of two difficulty settings. The game includes concept art and wallpapers, as well as a walkthrough. While free to download and try, the full game unlock costs $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad. The full game unlock will be on sale for $2.99 and $4.99 for iPhone and iPad (respectively) until the end of Friday (June 19).

Xenowerk ($1.99 on iOS) – A top-down shooter from Pixelbite, Xenowerk offers 50 levels at launch, and asks players to explore environments and eliminate mutant nests to prevent them from spreading. Players can pick up items from fallen mutants and power up their weapons and armor. Gamers also have access to special abilities when they’re in trouble.

Pop Voyage

Pop Voyage (Free on iOS, Android) – From Inlogic Software and Thumbspire, Pop Voyage is a level-based match-three puzzle game, asking players to swap the locations of touching balloons to create lines of three or more like-colored balloons. Each level has a different objective, like earning a large number of points or breaking blocks by making matches on top of them. Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their score, and will unlock a variety of power-ups as they progress.

Vegas Aces (Free on iOS, Android) – From Toast, the mobile publishing branch of NHN Entertainment, Vegas Aces is a level-based poker puzzle game. In each level, players are given a board of small, randomized playing cards, and gamers draw lines on these cards to create traditional poker hands (pairs, straights, full houses, and so on). While moves require cards to be touching, the game doesn’t require each move to contain five cards. In other words, players can make small matches, removing just two or three cards from the board at once, or full matches with five cards, in the case of things like flushes or straights. Players can create bonus chips, capable of clearing large groups of cards from the board, and will earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their score.

Picjoy Photo Organization App Launches on iOS

While multiple iOS apps have attempted to help users organize their photos, Picjoy has thrown its hat into the ring in a bid to outdo them all. The app relies on what’s described as a “complex algorithm,” which automatically tags each image with tags relating to the time the photo was taken, its location data, month of the year and more.

Picjoy tags camera roll images, as well as those from iCloud. Once these photos have been tagged, users can search for the right image(s) by date, location (something as vague as a city or state, or as specific as a landmark), season, time of day and more. Tags like “morning” or “winter,” as examples, may help users find a specific image when they’ve forgotten where, or in what month, it was taken.

While the app tags each image automatically, users can also manually create additional tags for each photo. In addition, users can add descriptions to individual photos, which are stored in the app’s separate “Stories” area.

While Picjoy supports iCloud to start, other cloud storage options will be added in future updates.

In a statement, Zach Mangum, CEO of Picjoy, commented on the app:

We’ve all been there, mid-conversation trying to pull up a photo with no luck. Picjoy solves this problem so you never miss an opportunity to share an experience again. The average person takes five photos per day on their smartphones, which means 2.4 billion photos are taken on phones every day. With so many pictures, there needs to be an easy way to reference the one you want, when you want it. This should not be a difficult task.

Picjoy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

GivingTales Children’s Storybook App Launches With Famous Narrators

GivingTales has announced the release of its children’s storybook app of the same name. Created in association with goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Sir Roger Moore, the GivingTales app aims to entertain children with modernized versions of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, narrated by famous actors and celebrities.

While free to download, GivingTales will donate 30 percent of the app’s revenue from in-app purchases to Unicef UK.

In each illustrated story, children can read along with the narrator thanks to highlighted text on the screen. Stories will progress automatically, and are condensed into a few minutes in length, but readers can pause or return to a previous page at any time.

At launch, Giving Tales features the voice talents of Sir Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Fry and Dame Joan Collins. The app features a single story for free, The Princess and the Pea (narrated by Sir Roger Moore), while additional stories are available for $3.99 each. These include The Emperor’s New Clothes (narrated by Dame Joan Collins), The Little Match Girl (narrated by Ewan McGregor) and The Ugly Duckling (narrated by Stephen Fry).

In a statement, Klaus Lovgreen, chairman of GivingTales, commented:

We’re overwhelmed by the initial support we’ve received, both from the celebrities affiliated with our project, as well as our ongoing relationship with the Unicef UK. Together, we hope to make a difference in the lives of many children around the world.

GivingTales is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. GivingTales plans to add additional stories and actors to the platform in future updates.

Garfield Turns 37, Receives New Mobile Games

Animoca Brands is celebrating Garfield’s 37th birthday in a big way, releasing two new games on mobile devices, while also offering users of existing Garfield games free in-game currency. Finally, some originally paid Garfield titles will be on sale (or even free) for a limited time.

The first new game, Garfield’s Epic Food Fight, is now available to download for free on Android. The match-three puzzle battle game challenges players to make matches with food symbols to help their team of heroes attack aliens. The game features 13 franchise characters at launch, including Jon, Liz, Nermal, Odie and more.

Meanwhile, Garfield Chef: Game of Food is now available for free on iOS. Another match-three game, Garfield Chef offers level-based gameplay, and sees players making matches with ingredients to prepare meals for Garfield. Levels become more challenging as players progress, and users have access to power-ups to help them out. Pooky, for instance, clears all ingredients in a chosen row and column, while a pot shuffles the board, and so on.

Until June 30, 2015, players of select Garfield mobile titles can claim gifts of free in-game currency worth approximately $5 for each game. This lineup includes Garfield’s Diner, Garfield’s Defense, Garfield’s Pet Hospital and many others.

In terms of sales, on June 19, 2015, iOS gamers will be able to download Feed Garfield, Feed Garfield HD and Garfield’s Escape for free, while Android players can download Garfield’s Escape Premium, Feed Garfield Premium and Home Sweet Garfield Live Wallpaper for free from now until June 19, 2015. Those three apps will be available for just $0.10 from June 20 to June 27, 2015. Finally, from June 19 to June 25, 2015, players on Amazon devices can download Garfield’s Escape Premium and Feed Garfield Premium for $0.99.

Animoca Brands has been developing and publishing Garfield mobile games since 2011. Those games have surpassed 45 million total downloads worldwide.

In a statement, Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, commented on this success:

Our partnership with Paws, Inc. to develop and publish Garfield mobile games has proved not only highly advantageous but also great fun. We’re absolutely delighted to have the fat lazy cat in our brand portfolio and we look forward to making plenty more games based on him and his companions.

E3 2015: 3 Queens Reveals Creeping With the Crudashians for Mobile

At E3 2015, 3 Queens released its first match-three game, Creeping with the Crudashians, in invite-only beta. A parody of the popular television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the game stars characters including Cym, Crusty, Crassy, Crawley and more, with the game having a bit of fun with the major life milestones and events in the Crudashians’ lives, based on their career timelines.

In each level of Creeping with the Crudashians, players have an overall goal of gaining more talent and fame, which serve as currency. Since the game is supported via in-app purchases, players can purchase additional fame, but can’t purchase talent. Levels will become more difficult as players progress, and fame can be used to purchase special items to aid in progression.

3 Queens is an all woman-owned game development and publishing company, based in South Carolina. In a statement, Cara Florence, co-founder of 3 Queens, commented:

To see all of the team’s hard work come to life is a great feeling and we are excited to unveil the game exclusively to those attending E3. Although Creeping with the Crudashians is a fun and creative game in its own right, our goal is to also use this opportunity to inspire other women to successfully compete in a predominately male industry.

Creeping with Crudashians is expected to release to the public on iOS and Android in July 2015.

3 Queens is hosting a social media campaign at E3, and will be giving away a Phantom Drone to one lucky entrant who has downloaded the game and logs in through Facebook, or who follows the game’s Twitter account and tweets this phrase: “I want the drone, @Crudashians! #CreepingWithTheCrudashians #CrudDrone #Booth2843 #E32015.”

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E3 2015: DotEmu Announces Titan Quest, Ys Chronicles II for Mobile

At E3 2015, DotEmu, a French video game company specializing in modern releases of older titles, has announced it is adapting two new games for mobile devices.

First, the company will release Ys Chronicles II on iOS and Android. Also known as Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished—The Final Chapter, the action RPG follows Adol Christin on a quest to uncover the secrets of the island of Ys. While games in the Ys franchise have been released on multiple platforms, it appears this mobile release will focus on the version of Ys Chronicles II released on PSP in 2009.

The second release sees DotEmu partner with Nordic Games for the release of Titan Quest on iOS and Android. Titan Quest was originally released on PC in 2006, and is a hack and slash action RPG.

Titan Quest features content inspired by the stories of past civilizations, including ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and Asia. In the game, players create a hero capable of defeating demons and other creatures, and will have access to hundreds of weapons and artifacts as they progress.

No release dates were revealed for either title, but Titan Quest was described as “coming soon.” Check out the game’s teaser trailer below.

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E3 2015: Telltale Games Announces The Walking Dead: Michonne for Mobile

At E3 2015, Telltale Games and Skybound announced The Walking Dead: Michonne for mobile devices, home consoles and PC. The mini-series stars Michonne from the franchise’s comic book series, and is set between issue No. 126 and issue No. 139.

Rather than a completely standalone game, The Walking Dead: Michonne is more like DLC, as players will need to own at least the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2 in order to experience the game. More information on how the new content will be accessed will be released closer to launch.

The Walking Dead: Michonne will feature three episodes, and, as usual, player choice will impact the way the story unfolds.

In a statement, Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, commented on the game’s starring character:

In many ways, Michonne herself is a reflection of the world of The Walking Dead. She is brutal and cold on the outside, but deep beneath what is broken, she remains hopeful, trying to claw her way out of the darkness that surrounds her. In our effort to bring the world of the comic and the world of the Telltale series closer together, there is no greater character than Michonne to help bridge that gap.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is set for release this fall on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game is also in development for PC and Mac, as well as last and current generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The Walking Dead games take players to the zombie apocalypse, where they’re challenged to help survivors escape dangerous situations and make sometimes difficult choices. The titles have been an incredible success for Telltale Games, with reportedly more than 44 million individual episodes sold in the franchise worldwide.

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E3 2015: Square Enix to Bring Kingdom Hearts, Lara Croft, More to Mobile

At its E3 2015 press conference, Square Enix announced a number of new projects for mobile devices.

For one, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ (read as “Unchained Key”) for a North American release on iOS and Android, following the game’s announcement for release in Japan. In Unchained χ, players will experience a storyline which connects to Kingdom Hearts III, and will become a Keyblade Master of their own design, interacting with Disney characters as they defeat the Heartless in turn-based battles.

From the game’s early trailer, it appears the game will continue the franchise’s tradition of exploring famous Disney properties, including the worlds of Hercules, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. Players will collect and use items to customize the attacks of their Keyblades, and will be able to partner with other players in guilds to defeat bosses. Another major element is the game’s outfit system, which will allow players to dress their hero in costumes based on seasonal events or Disney characters.

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ will be free-to-play with available in-app purchases. No specific release date was revealed.

Next, Square Enix Montreal is developing Lara Croft GO, a turn-based puzzle title in keeping with the previously released Hitman GO. In a statement, head of studio at Square Enix Montreal, Patrick Naud, said where Hitman GO provided the “essence of assassination,” Lara Croft GO will offer the “essence of adventure.”

In the game, players will explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, working to uncover the secrets associated with the myth of the Queen of Venom. Lara Croft GO is currently in development for release on smartphone and tablet in 2015.

For Final Fantasy fans, the PC version of Final Fantasy VII was announced for an iOS release this summer.

In addition, the Final Fantasy Portal App was announced for iOS and Android. The app is described as a “comprehensive source” for information about the Final Fantasy series, including games, music, merchandise and events. The free app (which will offer in-app purchases) will include games to play, like Triple Triad, the popular card game from Final Fantasy VIII.

If players login with their Square Enix ID, they’ll accumulate points for logging in and viewing news and videos. These points can be exchanged for in-game items and digital prizes, including wallpapers.

Final Fantasy Portal App

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E3 2015: Beeline Interactive Unveils Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter for Mobile

At E3 2015, Capcom’s Beeline Interactive officially unveiled Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter, its upcoming match-three puzzle battle game set in the Ghostbusters universe. The game allows players to collect characters and ghosts from the entire Ghostbusters universe, taking them into turn-based battles against the monsters of New York.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter will feature 32 characters at launch, including characters from the original films, as well from Ron Alexander’s Ghostmashers and the Ghostbusters comic books. Speaking with SocialTimes, Beeline Europe director of product development, Jody Sherry, told us another 16 characters are planned for the game’s first set of updates. The game features an entirely new story and story mode to complete, as well as a multiplayer events mode.

At launch, Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter will feature five main story episodes, with each split into multiple battles. Before each battle, players can choose three characters for their team, each with different special abilities. During each battle, players create matches with three-or-more like symbols, with the symbol color relating to (and charging) these special abilities and attacks, which can be triggered once filled. As battles are turn-based, players must balance their focus between collecting their own necessary colors, and preventing the enemy from collecting large amounts of their own.

Separate booster and “assist” systems are also available, and can be activated before heading into combat. Assists are one-time use character powers with various effects, while boosters are secondary power-ups, which may provide the team with extra health in the upcoming battle, as one example.

Sherry told us the game is heavily focused on strategy, so players can analyze the opposing team and make the best decisions for their character, booster and assist selections before entering combat.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter

While playing, gamers may run into multiple action tiles, which shake up the progression of battle. These include the ability for monsters to confuse one of the player’s characters, so they attack themselves, or items for evasion, poison, bombs and more.

Sherry explained:

All of the things that affect the characters in the game also have an associated tile on the board, so you can use your puzzle play skills to clear those tiles and remove those effects, or add effects to your opponent.

After each battle, players may win upgrade cards for their characters, new assists or boosters. When players use these character upgrade cards, their specific powers may receive a boost, while the overall character will also level up. Players collect free currency, ice, while playing, and can spend this to manually upgrade characters as well.

Gold, the game’s premium currency, can be used to purchase additional character, assist and booster slots, or to unlock health packs for their team. These health packs are used to heal characters back to 100 percent after they’re damaged in battle. When players run out of health packs, they can choose a different character for their team or simply wait to receive more.

Sherry said players should earn enough gold for free to unlock the necessary number of character, assist and booster slots over time, if they’re patient. Both free and premium currency can also be used to purchase new character cards outright, with premium cards being more valuable than free cards.

Outside of single-player gameplay, Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter will usually offer two to three time limited events at any one time, which see gamers completing asynchronous multiplayer battles against computer-controlled, but player-designed teams. Participating in these events will see players receiving victory points after each battle, with certain points milestone relating to rewards, including ice, gold, character cards and more.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter is expected to hit iOS this summer. The game is also in development for Android. E3 attendees will have a chance for a photo opportunity with the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle, which will be parked inside Capcom’s booth during the show.

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E3 2015: EA Announces Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for Mobile

At its E3 2015 press conference, Electronic Arts announced the development of a new mobile game in the Star Wars universe. Created in collaboration with Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will combine elements from collectible card games and role playing games.

The game will allow players to collect and battle with characters and starfighters from the entire Star Wars universe, including the original trilogy and prequel films, as well as Star Wars Rebels, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV shows and more.

In a blog post, John Salera, executive producer at EA Capital Games, commented:

We have a great partnership with the talented folks at Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive. It is that collaboration that has enabled us to deliver a unique mobile experience that brings the vastness of the epic Star Wars franchise into the palm of your hand.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will release later this year on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

The world of Star Wars is no stranger to mobile games, and Galaxy of Heroes isn’t the only upcoming title players have to look forward to. To be specific, Kabam and Disney recently announced the development of Star Wars: Uprising, a mobile RPG also set for release in 2015.

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E3 2015: Bethesda Unveils New Apps for The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 4

At its E3 2015 showcase event, game developer Bethesda greatly embraced mobile platforms, announcing three new titles for both smartphones and tablets. On top of the announcement and release of Fallout Shelter on iOS devices, Bethesda revealed The Elder Scrolls Legends and a Fallout 4 companion app.

First, The Elder Scrolls Legends is the developer’s take on the strategy card genre, which has recently been dominated by the likes of Blizzard’s Hearthstone. The free-to-play game is in development for iPad and PC, and is said to combine the “rich lore and exiting worlds in The Elder Scrolls series.” The Elder Scrolls Legends will be released later this year. Check out the game’s teaser trailer below.

Next, Bethesda announced a second screen experience for Fallout 4, its upcoming open-world RPG in development for home consoles and PC. The companion app will allow users to view their in-game Pip-Boy on their mobile screen, and will offer access to managing one’s inventory, perks, holotapes and more.

The Pip-Boy app will be available for all players of Fallout 4, but those interested in a more immersive experience can purchase the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition, a collector’s edition of the console game, which includes a Pip-Boy replica capable of holding one’s mobile phone as though it were the Pip-Boy’s computer screen. The replica will support a wide range of smartphones thanks to customizable foam inserts.

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy App

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