Big Viking Games CEO Details the Pros and Cons of HTML5

With an increasing number of companies adopting HTML5 (for instance, YouTube ditched Flash for HTML5 last February), some are calling it the perfect time to switch to the language. While HTML5 isn’t without its challenges, developers like Big Viking Games are learning to thrive under the pressure. The company has plenty of experience creating HTML5 games for mobile devices, including Dark Heroes, SuperSpin Slots and Monsters & Dungeons: … [Read more...]

Netmarble US Announces Raven for iOS, Android

Animals vs. Mutants company, Netmarble US, has announced the upcoming release of Raven in the U.S. Developed by Netmarble Games studio STPlay, the hack-n-slash RPG has found quick success in Korea, where it reportedly hit the No. 1 top grossing slot on both iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices. Raven has achieved over three million downloads on mobile, and grew to one million daily average users within ten days of its launch. In the … [Read more...]

Peership Personal Delivery App Launches on iOS, Android

Peership, a personal delivery app, has officially launched in San Diego, Calif., giving users a new way to make money by making deliveries on trips they’re already taking around town. With the Peership app, users can list an item for pickup and delivery across town, or request an item to be delivered to them, depending on their needs. For instance, if someone purchased a couch on Craigslist, but didn’t have a truck to pick it up, they could list … [Read more...]

Music Messaging App Rithm Relaunches with Premium Streaming

Rithm, a music-themed messaging app, launched in beta in 2013, and over time grew to a reported "few million installs." The app’s developer, Rithm Messaging, learned a lot about social music experiences during that time, triggering the commercial relaunch of Rithm, which offers a $3.99 per month premium version (Rithm Gold), and unlocks the ability to send complete streams of music tracks to others within chats. All users can share music via … [Read more...]

Lara Craft: Dig for Artifacts in This Facebook Puzzle Game

Eva Studio has released its newest game on Facebook: Lara Craft. In the game, players follow Lara on her journey through the mines to find treasure. The match-three puzzle game is similar to King’s Diamond Digger Saga, as players complete levels by clicking on groups of gems to clear a path for water to make its way around a game board. In each level, players have a limited amount of moves to complete a particular objective. Each level has a … [Read more...]

R2 Games Launches Heroes of the Banner on Facebook

Global games publisher R2 Games has announced the release of its newest browser title, Heroes of the Banner, in open beta on Facebook. The game is the company’s first step into the tower defense genre, and challenges players to defend their kingdom from evil monsters walking down a set path. Rather than challenging players to build new towers on a different path in each level, the game asks users to build and upgrade their existing towers as they … [Read more...]

Bubble CoCo: Rescue Chickens from a Fox on Facebook

Fans of colorful bubble shooters now have a new option available in Cookapps’ Bubble CoCo on Facebook. The game challenges players to help a chicken named CoCo rescue her children from an evil fox by shooting bubbles at large formations at the top of the screen. The goal of each shot is to create matches of three-or-more like-colored orbs, so they will be removed. Each level of Bubble CoCo has a different overall goal. One may ask players to … [Read more...]

Witchy Tale: Brew Potions in This Match-3 Facebook Game

Browser gaming company Sublinet has released its newest title on Facebook: Witchy Tale. The match-three game sees players helping a witch create elixirs and potions for her customers by swapping the locations of bottles on various match-three boards. Levels become more challenging as players progress, and users must complete each stage without running out of moves. The most basic levels in Witchy Tale require users to simply make matches until … [Read more...]

The Book of Life: Sugar Smash Launches on Facebook

After releasing the game on iOS and Android devices earlier this year, SGN Games has announced the launch of The Book of Life: Sugar Smash on Facebook. The game is based on the film The Book of Life, which released in theaters in October 2014, and takes players to a colorful world where they’ll complete goals in match-three levels. Each level of The Book of Life: Sugar Smash has a specific goal, from creating matches with large quantities of … [Read more...]

Gamegos Releases Magic Drops Puzzle Game on Facebook

Fashland developer Gamegos has launched its newest title on Facebook, a match-three puzzle game called Magic Drops. The game takes players on an adventure with a wise owl named Owlin, whose potions have been destroyed. Users will need to cook new potions to replace those that were lost, and will do so by collecting the proper ingredients, or magical drops, in each level. Each level of Magic Drops has a different overall goal and board layout. A … [Read more...]

Crazy Kitchen: Serve Your Friends Pastries on Facebook

Following a release on mobile devices, Zindagi Games’ Crazy Kitchen has launched on Facebook, challenging players to complete match-three puzzle levels to serve the hungry customers in their cafe. The game is designed with a core social element, as players begin by importing one of their Facebook pictures as the “head” of their chef (or they can use a stock animated image). If their friends are playing the game and have uploaded their own image, … [Read more...]

Social Bingo Title Bingo Tunes Launches on Facebook

Bingo fans have a new experience available to them on Facebook: Bingo Tunes. The game is described as a twist on the traditional Bingo experience, and it provides players with various themed rooms, as well as the ability to make Bingos in a variety of shapes, lines and patterns. Rooms include those for pop and country music, among others, and the type of room may change the basic kind of Bingo gamers will play. Players spend tokens to purchase … [Read more...]