Mobile Game Roundup: AlphaBetty Saga, The Ember Conflict and More

Another weekend is almost upon us, complete with a new set of games to dive into on iOS, Android and other mobile devices. To start, Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick released Radical Rappelling, a challenging endless survival game asking players to rappel down a cliff face without running into obstacles.

Elsewhere, Luca Redwood released the anticipated follow-up to the popular puzzle game 10000000, You Must Build A Boat. The game sees players racing through match-three dungeons to construct their boat and sail the seas. Finally, SYBO Games, creator of the massively popular Subway Surfers, released its new endless runner, Blades of Brim, which combines endless running with combat, mounts and more in a fantasy world.

Looking for something different to try instead? Here’s a look at some additional games released this week.

AlphaBetty Saga (Free on iOS, Android) – Following the game’s release on Facebook, King has launched AlphaBetty Saga on mobile devices. The word game challenges players to complete levels by dragging their finger across touching letter tiles to create words. Levels come in five different types, from those asking players to earn a large number of points without running out of moves, to those asking players to clear all letter tiles trapped in bubbles, and so on. The game offers 140 levels at launch, and players have access to power-ups to help them complete challenging stages.

Drift Spirits (Free on Android) – From Bandai Namco Entertainment, Drift Spirits has already achieved over five million downloads in Japan, and is now available worldwide for players in 40 countries and regions. The drift racing game features 30-second races, with the car’s acceleration and drifting speed controlled by the timing of players’ taps on the screen. Drift Spirits offers 40 car models to choose from, with a focus on Japanese vehicles, and these cars can be customized using the parts collected while playing. With the game’s global release, Bandai Namco has plans to increase the number and variety of cars by expanding the focus away from Japanese models. Drift Spirits will launch on iOS soon.

Terminator Genisys: Revolution (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Glu Mobile and Skydance Productions, Terminator Genisys: Revolution is the official mobile game for the Terminator Genisys film, set to hit U.S. theaters on July 1, 2015. The game takes players to the year 2029, as they work alongside John Connor in the war to save humanity from the machines. During each of the game’s missions, players will aim at enemies by dragging their finger around the screen, and fire primary or secondary weapons using buttons on the right side of the screen. Players have access to multiple weapons, including assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. Special tools like grenade launchers and EMPs are also available.

Ronaldo & Hugo: Superstar Skaters (Free on iOS, Android) – From Hugo Games, this endless runner stars soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has teamed up with Hugo the Troll to escape Paparazzi Pete. Players will race through city streets in gameplay similar to that of Subway Surfers, and can double-tap to spawn a skateboard, allowing them to grind the city’s rails and earn bonus points for a limited time. Players can unlock new boards and clothing for Ronaldo and Hugo, with some items unlocking passive effects for gameplay (for instance, Hugo’s secret agent jacket makes skateboards last 20 percent longer before expiring).

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble ($2.99 on iOS, Android) – From Chillingo and Level Eight, Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble sees players completing 60 levels as they explore environments and collect loot. In each level, gamers use a virtual joystick for movement, and can tap a button to dash. Levels are packed with security guards, cameras, traps and other obstacles players must avoid. A timer makes levels trickier, and while gamers aren’t required to collect every piece of loot before existing a stage, they receive up to three stars on each level, relating to their remaining time, number of objects stolen and more.

Hitman: Sniper ($4.99 on iOS, Android) – From Square Enix Montreal, Hitman: Sniper is described as a sandbox sniping game. Players will help Agent 47 complete more than 100 missions as they observe each target’s movements and take shots to eliminate enemies in sometimes “creative” ways. Players have access to tools like enemy lures and the ability to dispose of bodies, and will unlock new sniper rifles as they progress. The game challenges players to climb the leaderboards and outperform others across their many contracts and assignments.

Apples to Apples (Free on iOS) – Mattel has released the mobile version of this popular party game, which offers five-player synchronous multiplayer and card pack themes including geography, animals, dessert and more. In each round of Apples to Apples, the current judge plays a card to the table, and every other player must choose a card from their hand that best matches the judge’s card. The judge decides the winning card using his or her own reasoning, with no right or wrong answers. Gamers can play with friends via Facebook connectivity, and the community can vote on trending card combos which appear on the game’s main menu.

Jungle Heat (Free on Windows Phone) – Previously released on iOS, Android and Facebook,’s base-building combat game has been played by over 23 million users so far, and is now available for Windows Phone gamers. Jungle Heat sees users building their base by collecting and balancing the use of resources, with both single-player and multiplayer battles, as well as clan wars, available.

Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay (Free on Android) – HeroCraft’s pirate-themed base-building combat game sees players building a pirate society on the edge of a bay, where they’ll collect multiple resources and use these to expand their base. Players will compete against others in turn-based multiplayer battles, with four overall kinds of battles available, as well as six different types of pirate ships, which can be upgraded over time.

Epic Eric ($0.99 on Android) – After the game’s release on iOS in 2014, 232 Studios has released Epic Eric on Google Play. The physics-based platformer allows players to complete levels as either Eric the Knight or Princess Erica, using one-touch controls to swing on cogs, bounce off of platforms and more to reach the prince or princess trapped somewhere in the stage. For additional challenge, players are encouraged to collect the three stars in each level. Twenty additional achievements are available for fans to unlock.

The Ember Conflict (Free on iOS) – The Ember Conflict is the debut strategy title from Substantial Games, which takes players to a futuristic fantasy world and challenges them to recruit an army capable of defeating enemies in battle. The game was designed for short play sessions, and can be played in as little as two minutes. However, it also offers an army customization system, allowing players to dive deeper into the experience if they’d like. During battle, players tap and drag to command their troops, and can deploy reinforcement units to overwhelm their opponents. Players can unlock new troop types, upgrade their troops with better gear and more between battles.

DomiNations Celebrates First 2 Months With Oil Boom Update

DomiNationsTwo months ago, Big Huge Games and Nexon M released DomiNations, a base-building combat game for mobile devices, which allows players to guide a chosen civilization through the ages as they build an army to defeat other civilizations and construct defenses to protect their own base. In celebration of the game’s early success, Big Huge Games has revealed some interesting stats about the game, as well as information on its latest major content update.

The update is entitled the Oil Boom, and it will activate once players have reached the Enlightenment Age. This is the eighth (and so far last) age in the game, so it will take new players some time to reach this content.

Prior to this update, players had two major currencies to balance: food and gold. With this update, players are introduced to a third, oil, which is used to recruit two new kinds of troops for players’ armies. Specifically, gamers will construct Oil Wells and Oil Refineries in their base, with the former producing the oil and the latter storing it.

Gamers will also build a new Factory for their nation, allowing them to use oil to create gatling gun and guerrilla troops. Speaking with SocialTimes, Tim Train, DomiNations project lead at Big Huge Games, told us gatling gun troops are useful against enemy infantry, as they can take enemies down in bulk. Meanwhile, guerrillas are invisible to enemy buildings, and are useful in blowing up defensive structures. At the same time, guerrillas are weak against enemy troops, so players must use proper timing in their deployment to be successful.


DomiNations will be updated with future ages and content going forward, with Train emphasizing the team will continue to balance the game to make each nation worth choosing. For instance, there are plans to give the French an additional cavalry boost, while the British will receive a new loot boost, and so on.

Since release in early April, DomiNations has been downloaded more than 7 million times, and 49.5 million battles have been waged between players. Interestingly, most battles are fought on Wednesdays. Train explained this is likely due to a larger trend, which sees players working to gather large amounts of resources during the week (including resources earned through battle), before triggering major upgrades to take place over the weekend.

While the game allows players to represent one of seven different nations, Japan is the most played nation in the game so far. In total, players have trained 1.6 billion troops for their armies, and have donated 70.6 million of those troops to users in their alliances.

DomiNations is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Check out the rest of the game’s stats in the infographic below.

DomiNations Infographic

Halfbrick Launches Radical Rappelling on iOS, Android

Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride developer Halfbrick has released Radical Rappelling on iOS and Android devices. The deliberately challenging endless survival game challenges players to rappel down a mountain as either Rip or Roxy, escaping a lava flow by timing their downward movement to avoid obstacles.

The one-touch gameplay sees players tapping and holding to rappel down the mountain. Rip and Roxy jump off of the mountain automatically, leaving players to hold or release their finger to avoid spikes in the path.

Players collect coins as they rappel, and can pull off tricks by bouncing on launch pads, maneuvering through tight tunnels in the cliff face, rappelling through rings and more. As players complete tricks, they fill a Remix Bar at the top of the screen. When this bar fills completely, players receive a few seconds of invincibility, and can quickly rappel down the mountain.

Radical Rappelling

Gamers are encouraged to complete quests as they play, which require a variety of actions, from destroying coin rocks while rappelling to earning new high scores and more. Completing these missions gives players free coins and premium currency, and also increases their in-game rank.

Once gamers hit rank four, they unlock the randomizer, which offers one free roll per day, impacting three future runs with tweaks like an instant revival upon death, coin magnets, boosts to the Remix Bar and more. Each tweak in the randomizer can be upgraded using coins, increasing its use duration or overall effectiveness, depending on the item. Once players have used their free roll, the randomizer can be activated again with coins.

In between missions, players can spend their coins on new costume pieces for their characters, as well as new ropes. Individual pieces can be purchased instantly with premium currency, or gamers can purchase random items with coins.

James Schultz, community coordinator at Halfbrick, commented on the game’s difficulty:

One wrong move, one tiny lapse in concentration and it’s all over. There’s no denying that this is our hardest game yet, so fans of Jetpack Joyride and Monster Dash are in for a treat.

Radical Rappelling is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

You Must Build A Boat Sails Onto iOS, Android

Luca Redwood’s EightyEight Games has announced the release of You Must Build A Boat on iOS and Android devices. The follow-up to the popular puzzle game 10000000, You Must Build A Boat challenges players to build a vessel and sail the seas by surviving as long as they can in match-three puzzle dungeons.

Gameplay in You Must Build A Boat sees players creating lines of three or more matching symbols by dragging entire rows or columns around the screen, rather than swapping the locations of two touching symbols. As their hero runs across the top of the screen, players will encounter monsters, locked chests and other obstacles, indicating the types of symbols they should work to clear next. For instance, sword and staff symbols are used to attack monsters, while keys are used to unlock chests.

The board’s additional symbols contain currencies like thought and power, as well as shield symbols, which allow players to take more damage before losing the run. The game allows players to make matches as quickly as they can find them, but there is an element of strategy present, as users may wish to save their sword and staff matches until they’re actually facing an enemy (for example).

You Must Build A Boat 2

The dungeon is forever scrolling across the top of the screen, even when matches aren’t being made, causing the run to end when players eventually fall off (or are knocked off) the left side of the board. If players survive long enough and reach certain distance milestones, the dungeon becomes more difficult. Randomized dungeon effects are triggered during these advancements, which may see stronger monsters added to the dungeon, additional chests added to the path and so on.

Similarly, players can accept quests before each run, which each trigger a different effect on the dungeon, usually increasing its difficulty. However, it’s worth emphasizing there’s no way to lose in You Must Build A Boat; instead, these challenges may simply cause the next run to be shorter than the last.

In between runs, players can spend their currencies on upgrades for their weapons and shields, allowing them to survive longer in future dungeons. Users will also recruit new crew members for their ship, including captured monsters, each with a different passive effect on the game. For instance, one may increase the amount of gold players collect, while another increases players’ critical hit chance during battle, and so on.

You Must Build A Boat is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is also available on Steam.

Subway Surfers Creator Launches Blades of Brim on iOS

Subway Surfers creator SYBO has announced the release of its latest endless runner, Blades of Brim, on iOS. In the game, players will run through the land of Brim as one of a variety of characters, engaging in combat with monsters, and collecting loot, pets and more as they progress.

Speaking with SocialTimes, SYBO’s co-founders, Sylvester Rishøj Jensen (also SYBO’s creative director) and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner (SYBO’s CEO), told us the game was designed to be “easily accessible for fans of endless runners and people new to this type of gameplay.” While familiar, Blades of Brim includes many fresh elements, like running paths of varying altitudes, portals to different areas and more.

The base gameplay of Blades of Brim sees players swiping left and right to move across multiple running lanes, and swiping up to jump. During each run, players will encounter a different assortment of obstacles, from thorns and boulders to large gaps in the path. Players can race up and down ramps, wall-run and/or jump to reach higher platforms and more, but must always watch out for the many enemies located along the path.

As players approach enemies in different lanes, swiping left or right makes their hero attack. When enemies are in the same lane, players swipe down to roll into them. Some enemies require multiple hits to defeat, and each enemy can also attack players if they don’t attack first.

Blades of Brim Screenshots

Players collect coins, chests and even premium currency as they run, but won’t keep their loot unless they reach stash points in the path. Passing stash points also increases the run’s overall difficulty going forward.

When gamers fail, they can spend premium currency to revive their character in hopes of reaching these stash points, or choose to start over. Thankfully, each runner can take multiple hits before the game ends, and his or her health recharges if players survive for a time after the attack.

Players will also unlock new pets and mounts as they play, like wolves or horses. Each can be summoned for a limited time by double-tapping the screen while running, and each has a different special power. For instance, Blaze, a fiery horse, can shoot fireballs at enemies, while Icehowl, a wolf, shoots ice beams at monsters, and so on. These pets can be upgraded to activate permanent score bonuses. It’s worth noting, players need pet whistles to actually summon pets, with whistles available for purchase in the game’s store.

SYBO told us:

The mounts are a heck of a lot of fun. They also present an interesting feature in the game, so if you’ve ever wanted to ride a dragon in a game on your phone, guess what? Now you can! The mounts get you into and out of all kinds of danger, but be careful! Once you get a mount, there’s no looking back! You never want to be without your friend.

In addition to upgrades for pets, gamers can spend their coins and premium currency on chests containing items like weapons, pets or pieces of armor. Like pets, these weapons can be upgraded to unlock overall score bonuses.

SYBO is no stranger to success on mobile, as its Subway Surfers has been downloaded over 700 million times since May 2012.

We asked the team about the pressure it may feel when creating games that can stand up to the immense popularity of Subway Surfers:

As the creators and IP holders of Subway Surfers, we are aware of the attention, but Subway Surfers lives on. We’re all avid gamers and games are a massive part of our lives whether we’re developing games or playing them. We use that motivation and really go for it with everything we make.

Blades of Brim is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. While there are no announced plans for a release on additional platforms, SYBO told us it is “always looking to bring [its] games to a wider audience.”

Maadly Launches Karma-Based Social Media Platform on iOS

Maadly has released its mobile social media platform of the same name, built based on the premise that everyone is a little crazy and therefore interesting in their own way. The app allows users to share messages with the world, called “Beats,” comprised of text messages, photos or videos, with Beats shown to users randomly based on the poster’s Karma Score.

The app doesn’t include features like following or friends lists, instead allowing each piece of content to be viewed by large potential audiences. The poster’s Karma Score increases each time other users like or engage with their Beats, and will decrease if users dislike or report their content. The higher a user’s Karma Score, the more people each future Beat will reach.

When creating an account, users can customize their experience by choosing to view Beats from men, women or both. While users can share personal information with others, they can also remain anonymous if they choose. Within the app, users receive new Beats in a personal feed, and can tap and hold to view each one, including any associated videos or photos.

By swiping right, users can like or dislike a Beat, or view additional Beats from the same user (where available). Swiping left allows users to report the content as inappropriate, or delete the Beat from their feed. As users post their own Beats, a separate tab tracks responses and interactions, while a heart at the top of the screen allows users to view their Karma Score.

Maadly’s blog reads:

Life is random and unexpected. We wanted to mirror this in the app because it’s what makes life beautiful. That’s why any text, photo or video a user sends goes out randomly, no following or friending required. You never know [who will] receive your message, and you never know [who will] decide to engage with it. This uncertainty generates a very real, raw and genuine environment on Maadly. It lowers the barriers for self-expression and interaction since every user is a stranger communicating with other strangers, near and far.

Maadly is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

Skylanders Superchargers Announced for iPad

Activision has unveiled the newest installment in the massively popular Skylanders video game series: Skylanders SuperChargers. The toys-to-life game will introduce a new gameplay mechanic to the franchise, in the form of vehicles for land, water and air. The game will see players stopping Kaos and his “Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction,” which is capable of eating the very sky of Skylands.

Developed by Vicarious Visions, Skylanders Superchargers will introduce 20 new vehicle toys for players to purchase, each with an elemental affinity, as well as 20 new SuperChargers characters. These Skylanders each have a signature vehicle from the lineup, and when used in the right combination, players will unlock a bonus increasing the performance of both the Skylander and the vehicle.

Skylanders SuperChargers Screenshot

Just as players can upgrade their Skylanders with new abilities, gamers will also be able to upgrade their vehicles and each vehicle’s weapons. This includes the ability to find hidden vehicle mods while playing, including a volcanic booster engine that shoots lava rocks at enemies, and jet wings with feathers made of gold.

The game will support all 300+ Skylanders toys from previous games, with each Skylander having the ability to control these vehicles.

While Skylanders Superchargers will introduce a new Portal of Power to the franchise, gamers can use an existing portal from past games as well. Specifically, players can purchase a digital Portal Owners Pack for the game, allowing them to download the full game and complete the campaign with downloadable versions of the Spitfire SuperCharger character and Instant Hot Streak vehicle.

In a statement, Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, commented on the game:

We created the toys-to-life category and have continued to lead it by bringing new innovations and new magic to the genre with each and every game. First we brought action figures to life, and now we’re bringing vehicles to life with Skylanders SuperChargers. We love making these games because in order to do it well, you have to constantly tap into your inner kid. What kid hasn’t imagined epic vehicles with amazing powers and dreamed about the adventures they could have with them? Skylanders SuperChargers makes those dreams real.

Skylanders Superchargers will launch on iPad, home consoles and the Nintendo 3DS on September 20 in North America, September 24 in Australia and New Zealand, and September 25 in Europe. The game’s Starter Pack will cost $74.99 in North America, and will include two new Skylanders characters, one vehicle and a redesigned Portal of Power.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Updated with Lost City Content

EA Mobile has announced the latest major content update for its popular mobile tower defense game, Plants vs. Zombies 2. The update takes players to the Lost City, and is split into two portions, with Part 1 available now.

The Lost City Part 1 is a new jungle world, offering over a dozen levels to complete, ten new zombies to exterminate and four new plants to collect. EA Mobile recently showed off the update in a developer diary.

The Lost City Part 1 offers 16 new levels, as well as new special zombies, including the Zombug, Zombie Jane, Lost Pilot and Excavator. Zombie Jane carries a parasol used to block overhead attacks, while the Excavator carries a shovel used to block oncoming projectiles.

Players can defeat these zombies with their favorite plants, or four new options: the A.K.E.E., Red Stinger, Endurian and premium Lava Guava.

The Red Stinger changes form in relation to its distance from base. When placed at the left of the board, the plant has an offensive stance, but the farther to the right it’s placed, the more it covers itself with its petals as a form of defense. The plant’s various forms perform differently in battle, so gamers must strategize its placement.

Meanwhile, the A.K.E.E. can be used to lob shots onto zombies’ heads, while the Endurian serves as a barricade, slowing zombie advancement while also causing some damage. Finally, the Lava Guava causes explosive damage to a group of zombies, leaving behind a magma tile that will damage future zombies in the same path.

In addition to new plants and zombies, this update’s new levels include golden tiles. When players deploy plants on these golden tiles, they receive sun, and will continue to receive bonus sun as long as the plants live.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times since its release in 2013.

SoundHound Unveils Hound Voice Recognition Platform

SoundHound, maker of the popular music identification app, has unveiled Hound, its app combining voice recognition with search technologies. Available on Android to start, Hound was designed to become a user’s “go-to app” for everything from checking the weather or the stock market, to placing a phone call, to playing voice-enabled games.

Hound looks to outperform other voice services by combining voice recognition and natural language understanding in real-time to deliver faster and more accurate results than those previously available with other services.

Hound is now available in private beta for Android, and is coming soon to iOS. The platform will launch with a series of “domains,” with general Web search considered a single domain. Other domains include tasks and searches based on navigation, local search, weather, stocks, hotels, flight statuses, time zones, geography, news, photo and video search, mortgage calculation, currency conversion and many others.

Hound will evolve with additional topics going forward, thanks to SoundHound’s new developer platform, Houndify. In addition, the Houndify platform will allow developers to utilize SoundHound’s Speech-to-Meaning technology and create voice-enabled experiences in their own apps.

Among Hound’s launch partners is Expedia, which will allow users to search for hotels based on specific criteria and/or location, using long, complex sentences the platform can understand. SoundHound provided an example search command: “Show me pet-friendly hotels near the Golden Gate Bridge, with three or more stars under $200, excluding bed and breakfast.”

In a statement, Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and founder of SoundHound, commented on Hound:

Hound will redefine the way we interact with devices, information and services. We believe in a world where we speak to the things around us just as we speak to each other, and we have worked tirelessly for nearly a decade to create the technology that realizes this vision.

Users interested in joining the Android beta are encouraged to download Hound and request an invitation.

Microsoft Acquires Wunderlist Maker 6WunderKinder

Microsoft has announced its acquisition of 6Wunderkinder, creator of to-do list app, Wunderlist. The purchase is part of Microsoft’s continued push to improve its users’ productivity, which has already addressed mail, calendars, messaging and notes.

Wunderlist launched five years ago and has grown to more than 13 million users, who have created more than one billion total “to-dos” across all platforms.

The base Wunderlist experience will remain free across all existing platforms, and there will be no price changes for Wunderlist Pro or Wunderlist for Business customers. Wunderlist founder and CEO, Christian Reber, will continue to lead Wunderlist’s team and product strategy.

Reber commented:

Over the next few months as Wunderlist becomes a part of the Microsoft family, we’ll introduce a host of new features, continue growing the ecosystem of partner integrations and progress in delivering Wunderlist to billions of people. We are excited and can’t wait to share with you what we have been working on.

This Wunderlist acquisition follows Microsoft’s acquisition of Acompli, an email app creator, in December 2014, and its purchase of calendar app maker, Sunrise, in February 2015.

On Microsoft’s blog, Eran Megiddo, general manager of OneNote, added:

A solution this useful and popular does not happen without a lot of hard work from a group of incredibly smart, creative and talented people. We’re pleased to welcome the Wunderlist team to Microsoft and excited to increase our presence in the thriving Berlin tech scene. In the months to come, we’ll share what’s in store as we build on and apply Wunderlist’s innovations to Microsoft’s apps and services.

Wunderlist is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store. The app is also available for use on the Web, Windows and Mac.

Mallzee Personalized Shopping App Launches in U.S.

Mallzee, a European personalized shopping app, has launched in the U.S., giving users another Tinder-style shopping experience, offering products for men and women from over 100 stores and designers. In the app, users browse items in curated catalogs, or can create their own style feeds to find items they’ll love.

The app’s existing catalogs are based on particular themes or articles of clothing, like work clothing or heels, as examples. Within each list, users view one item at a time, swiping right to save or left to dismiss each item. Results can be filtered based on factors including price or color, as well as by specific article of clothing.

For faster browsing, users can turn off this view, and instead shop for products in a visual grid, rather than one at a time. Here, the like and dislike buttons go away, unless users tap on and rate each item individually. In either view, tapping an item reveals more information about the product, while a buy button redirects users to the appropriate store to make a purchase.

When users like products, they’re saved to a separate feed, and shoppers are alerted when these items drop in price.


Outside of the app’s default “Shop” feed, a separate “Trending” area highlights fashion trends, specific store collections and more. For the app’s U.S. release, Mallzee has collaborated with fashion influencers, including model, stylist,  fashion consultant and “street style star,” Natalie Cantell, and Donna Lisa, head stylist at Forever 21.

In addition, the U.S. launch adds new stores to the app, including H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters and Pac Sun.

In a statement, Cally Russell, founder and CEO of Mallzee, commented:

The U.S. is one of the most fashionable countries in the world, so we knew we had to make something extra special for shoppers here. That’s why we’ve spent the last three months adding a range of fantastic retailers and making it even easier to buy straight through the app! Our approach to shopping means finding the perfect outfit is now super quick, super fun and super personal. We know Mallzee is going to change how Americans shop and save money!

Mallzee first launched in Europe in late 2013, and has reportedly grown to a worldwide user base in the “six-figures,” with users swiping millions of items each week. In February 2015, Mallzee and Samsung announced a partnership which sees Mallzee being promoted in the Samsung App Store, My Galaxy and other channels throughout 2015.

Mallzee is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

FitFlap Motion-Controlled Fitness Game Announced for Mobile

French independent game studio BreakFirst has announced its upcoming motion-controlled fitness title, FitFlap, is coming to iOS and Android devices later this year. The game will see players flapping or moving their arms to control the movement of their in-game characters, and will utilize the device’s camera to deliver body tracking and appropriately responsive motion-controlled gameplay.

FitFlap was recently presented at Google I/O 2015, due to its adoption of the Google Cast Remote Display API. As players move, their phone or tablet can transfer the data to the user’s Chromecast connected to their TV, giving them a larger view of their characters as they fly through obstacle courses or complete other physical activities.

The game will reportedly know the difference between small hand motions and true arm flapping, so users won’t be able to cheat the system. As players navigate side-scrolling courses, they’ll change their creature’s altitude by flapping or resting their arms to avoid obstacles in the path.

If players wish to fly faster, they need to help the in-game characters lose weight by completing secondary games. One may see players quickly moving their arms as the character runs on a treadmill, as an example. Players have an “active responsibility” for each character’s weight loss, as well as weight gain, with the goal of helping users burn a few calories themselves as well.

Benoit Auguin, managing director at BreakFirst, told us:

For years I’ve been super excited about the possibilities of motion gaming using existing camera hardware across different devices. FitFlap is exactly the kind of fun app that shows what’s possible, and as a small independent team it was amazing for us when Google decided to use it to showcase Google Cast at I/O. We’re just getting started – there is so much more our technology can do.

Check back soon for more.

Prettygreat Raises $500,000 in Partnership with Crossy Road Creators

Australian game developer Prettygreat has announced it has raised $500,000 in seed funding via a partnership with Crossy Road creators Matt Hall and Andy Sum, otherwise known as Hipster Whale. Prettygreat was founded in February 2015 by three Halfbrick veterans: Luke Muscat, Phil Larsen and Hugh Walters.

At Halfbrick, Muscat was the creator and designer of mobile hits Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, while Walters was the lead artist and art director for multiple projects. Meanwhile, Larsen served as chief marketing officer for the company.

Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road is a monumental success, having been downloaded over 90 million times in six months. This partnership with Prettygreat will see Hall and Sum join Prettygreat as shareholders and advisors.

In a statement, Phil Larsen, managing director of Prettygreat, commented on the partnership:

Our priority is smart innovation and design excellence with every game we release. Matt and Andy’s vision is to add more fun to the world in a mobile market more receptive to quality than ever. We’re absolutely stoked to have them on board, because making awesome stuff, sharing it with the world and doing it for the players is the Prettygreat way.

Prettygreat will use the funding to develop “multiple titles” for release on mobile worldwide. Its first game will be announced soon, and is expected to launch in 2015.

Moleskine TimePage Calendar App Launches on iOS, Apple Watch

Moleskine has announced the launch of its Moleskine TimePage app for iPhone and Apple Watch, combining weather, maps and contacts with native calendar syncing across iCloud, Google and Exchange.

By presenting multiple features in a single experience, the app looks to eliminate the need to bounce between multiple apps to gather necessary information. For instance, when planning a meeting, the app would present weather forecasts and conditions for the meeting location, estimated travel times, directions and more.

As users create events, the app suggests contacts from the iOS address book, as well as places from Google Places. Users can receive directions to events from Apple Maps or Google Maps, and view either the current temperature or the “feels like” temperature for destinations, among other features.

The app’s calendar view is presented as a continuous timeline, rather than separating content into individual month views. Users can browse their schedule by day or week, with empty days presented alongside full days, containing “This Day in History” content.

Moleskine Timepage

Users can personalize their calendar view, choosing the number of days to show at one time, or choosing a different color theme. Meanwhile, on Apple Watch, users can view their schedule for the next week, view weather information and temperature graphs, receive transportation time estimates and receive event reminders. Glance view shows the remaining time until the user’s next event, and how long it would take to get there from the current location.

In a statement, Arrigo Berni, CEO of Moleskine, commented on the app:

As a company devoted to the design of tools for creative professionals and knowledge workers, we’re thrilled to be adding another piece to our analog/digital portfolio. Our aim is to offer tools for an ever more productive organization of time, projects and ideas, filling the analog/digital divide. Moleskine TimePage is just the next logical step, from organizing notes, sketches and ideas, to organizing time and projects.

Moleskine TimePage is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store.