Facebook Data Shows Clinton and Sanders Most Discussed

Facebook data reveals Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders top Facebook users interaction, which included likes, shares, posts, and comments. The data was composed in three of the early voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. … [Read more...]

Rapist jailed for Facebook plot to lure 14 year-old girl

Congratulations, you're now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. A RESTAURANT boss who brutally raped a 14 year-old girl after a warped Facebook plot to lure her into sex has been jailed for 10 years. … [Read more...]

How Facebook helped in return of ‘stolen’ ring

ON what should have been Luke Batty's 13th birthday Australian of the Year Rosie Batty is launching a new campaign to fight domestic violence. A FLY-IN fly-out worker accused of murdering a man who had a threesome with his girlfriend threatened to kill him before repeatedly stabbing him, a court has heard. … [Read more...]

Facebook billionaire donates $5 million to help undocumented immigrants pay for college

In this July 6, 2011 file photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg smiles during an announcement at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, had donated $5 million to a scholarship fund for undocumented immigrants. … [Read more...]

Facebook user Dylan Roof mistaken for Charleston shooting suspect

A West Columbia resident named Dylan Roof wants to make one thing clear: he is not the suspect accused of shooting and killing nine people in a Charleston church Wednesday. "The guy responsible for the shooting is named 'Dylann Roof' my name is 'Dylan Roof' note the difference in the double 'n,'" Roof stated on his Facebook page early Thursday. … [Read more...]

Facebook turns in Calif. child porn suspect

A California man is behind bars after Facebook contacted authorities about some illegal activity found on the social media site, reports Roseville Police say they usually have to do most of the digging when it comes to crimes on social media. "It's great to know they are monitoring their absolutely enormous site looking for this kind of thing and protecting kids," police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther told the station. … [Read more...]

YouTube service to showcase news video fed by eyewitnesses

" YouTube has started a video news service to showcase the most interesting clips recorded and posted by eyewitnesses at events unfolding around the world. The service, called "YouTube Newswire," is being compiled by Storyful, an Internet service owned by News Corp. that also recently started to package interesting stories posted on social networking leader Facebook. … [Read more...]

In The West Bank, Facebook Posts Can Get You Arrested, Or Worse

The indictment against 24-year-old Palestinian Ayman Maraheeq says comments he posted on Facebook illegally insulted the West Bank police force and the Palestinian Authority, which governs the West Bank. In the waiting room of a courthouse in the West Bank city of Ramallah last week, a clerk called defendants to pick up their files while loudspeaker announcements blared courtroom assignments. … [Read more...]

leads in Facebook engagement among political news sites

The Hill has been putting up the kind of online engagement numbers digital brand managers dream of, making the political news outlet - and its content - dominant on social media. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s hot new app won’t launch in Europe because of…

Europeans shouldn't expect to get their hands on Facebook's new "Moments" app any time in the immediate future: The Register is reporting that the social networking giant is holding off on launching it on the continent because it could fall foul of regulators. Launched earlier in June , Moments automatically scans a user's camera roll on their smartphone for photos of their friends using Facebook's sophisticated facial recognition software. … [Read more...]

Ello tries to make a comeback by launching an iPhone app for…

The much-hyped social network first launched in September as an invitation-only website, which helped generate interest as people began wondering if Ello would turn into a haven for those tired of Facebook's advertising. With 38,000 sign-up requests an hour at the peak of its buzz, Ello was able to turn its hype into $11 million in funding. … [Read more...]

How Facebook and Yahoo are spawning billion-dollar startups

As Facebook got bigger and bigger, it started running into some serious growing pains - it was generating more data than its data centers could handle. This was a problem, given that people expect Facebook to always be available and snappy. … [Read more...]

Google just announced a hefty move in its ad war against Facebook

Cross-device measurement is extremely important for advertisers. More and more often, consumers might see an ad for an item on their smartphone, but then go on to complete the purchase later on their desktop. … [Read more...]

Daughter Who Faked Needing a Wheelchair Charged with Mom’s Murder After Mysterious Facebook Post

Gypsy Rose Blancharde, 23, has been charged with murder after police found the body of her mother, Clauddinnea "Dee Dee" Blancharde, 48, in bed at their Springfield, Missouri, home on Monday. Authorities told the Springfield News-Leader that Dee Dee was found "deceased of a violent nature." … [Read more...]