What Keeps People Coming Back to Mobile Apps?

People download apps all the time, but the many are used once and never used again. Google teamed up with market research firm Ipsos MediaCT to survey 8,470 consumers with smartphones. The goal: to find out what drives people to install apps, what keeps them coming back and why the abandon apps. The report also offers some insights for marketers hoping to ensure the longevity of their apps. One key point from the report was the need for app … [Read more...]

YouTube Teams Up With Storyful to Create Curated Newswire

YouTube announced YouTube Newswire, a partnership with Storyful to provide a curated news feed with verified stories. According to the official blog, this grew out of the proliferation of user-generated YouTube videos that are already being used to support news reporting. One of the challenges with the deluge of user-generated content, however, is understanding how to verify the stories. To wit, YouTube is gathering a coalition of thought leaders … [Read more...]

91% of Retail Brands Use Two or More Social Media Channels

As social media has become more integrated into daily life, people are starting to use more than one network. According to Pew Research Center, more than one-half of adults use more than one social network. New data from email marketing software provider Yesmail indicates that marketers are also using multiple social media channels. Yesmail tracked the social media habits of 50 top retail brands in five major categories–beauty, apparel, … [Read more...]

Microsoft, Google, and Harvard Business Review Among Top Brands on LinkedIn (Infographic)

Content marketing is an increasingly important tactic, and many marketers it is the most important digital trend for 2015. LinkedIn recognizes this trend and has been working to better tools for marketers using the platform. One such tool is the Content Marketing Score, and an infographic from Linkedin shows which global brands have ranked highest since the score launched last year. The data was compiled by looking at six months of the activity … [Read more...]

Social Media is Stuck in the Workplace Friend Zone (Infographic)

Social media has reached critical mass in the U.S. and parts of western Europe. Still, adoption of enterprise social tools is slow and many people see social media as a distraction from their work day. Scredible PLC, creator of social-driven education technologies, surveyed 1,000 professionals in the U.S. and U.K. regarding their social media habits and uncovered some prevailing attitudes with regard to how social fits into the workplace. Despite … [Read more...]

Report: Adoption of Enterprise Social Technologies is Slow

From Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, most companies realize the value social media can generate. However, creating a cohesive brand image of means making brand advocates out all employees, from the top of the organization all the way down. A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and Executive Networks Inc, examines the importance of employees in establishing the brand persona. According to the report, brand persona … [Read more...]

Report: MSNBC, E! Among Top U.S. Television Networks on Facebook and Twitter

The rise of streaming services in recent years has often opened the discussion about the future of television. However, as networks get more savvy about social media, and traditional industries adapt to the new digital medium, we begin to see a kind of symbiosis. A new report from technology and data company Engagement Labs examines the top 50 broadcast networks based on their eValue social score. According to an Engagement Labs statement: Social … [Read more...]

How to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook (Infographic)

Since Facebook made the transition to pay-to-play, reports have shown consistent declines in organic reach for brands. A new infographic from Kissmetrics examines the problems brands are having on Facebook, and offers some possible solutions. Organic reach is on the decline for two primary reasons. With more than 18 million businesses competing for space Facebook has taken to limiting the number of posts than make it to the News Feed. Secondly, … [Read more...]

Reddit Bans Hate Subreddits in Effort to Discourage Harassment

Reddit is a social site where anonymity is a key benefit for its users. However, there are plenty of users who abuse their anonymity online, which makes it hard to discourage Reddit users away from the tendency to abuse the site. Last week Reddit staff banned five subreddits that were hotbeds of harassment; unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t look like it will be very effective. According to an official admin post from Reddit: We want to be open … [Read more...]

Retail and Food Service Workers Take to Twitter Most Often to Vent (Infographic)

There have been rumblings across in the leadership and human resources world about employee engagement being at an all-time low. With less than 20 percent of workers actively engaged, many in the business leadership community have been wondering what to do, yet the answer continues to elude the experts. Job search site Monster and social intelligence platform Brandwatch teamed up for a different perspective on employee happiness. They analyzed … [Read more...]

Twitter Offers More Sophisticated Tools Against Trolls

Twitter has a troll problem, and it knows, so it’s been working recently to curb the trolling, as have third parties. Still, it seemed there weren’t enough tools available for users to protect themselves. Twitter is hoping the addition of “block lists” could help solve the problem. According to an official blog post from Twitter: You can now export and share your block lists with people in your community facing similar issues or … [Read more...]

Facebook is the Biggest Social Channel for U.S. Women During Women’s World Cup (Infographic)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was undoubtedly one of the largest events that social media has ever seen. Facebook alone saw 350 million users engage in more than three billion interactions throughout the tournament last year. The FIFA Women’s World Cup started this week, and women are driving the conversation on social. Influenster, a product discovery platform, surveyed 10,400 U.S. women primarily between the ages of 18 and 45. Of the survey … [Read more...]

Report: Social Media is the Slowest Way to Resolve Customer Service Issues

Social media could be an excellent opportunity for companies to provide customer service. However, many companies fail to provide a positive, or even adequate experience. A whitepaper titled The State of Customer Service 2015 from The Northridge Group, examined current customer attitudes toward online customer service from more than 1,000 respondents. Customers have high expectations for customer service in all categories, and companies are … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most of Pinterest During Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes the season for the social media bride. These days social media is becoming part of the wedding planning process, with more 70 percent of would-be brides using Pinterest to make plans before getting engaged. According to Jared Del Prete, Director of Digital Strategy for EGC Group, a full service advertising agency, Pinterest is a unique platform for compiling and aggregating content from users and … [Read more...]