Please, Hollywood, never consider these alternate movie endings



The ending of a movie can completely make — or in this case, break — the film

Redditors on an Ask Reddit thread imagined what it might be like if classic and beloved movies had terrible alternate endings

It certainly doesn’t require a spoiler alert to know that these movies are absolutely better off with their original endings — but it’s hilarious to imagine them with such crappy closing scenes

Take a gander at what some of your favorite movies might be like with totally terrible alternate endings:

1. The most anti-climactic Breakfast Club ever. Read more…

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Man learns why you shouldn’t try to take a selfie with a sea lion



This sea lion is absolutely not ready for his closeup

Ruben Cortez just wanted a cute selfie with a sunbathing sea lion, but the sassy pinniped had other ideas. As soon as Cortez’s camera came out, the sea lion gave the most impressive bellow of disapproval ever — and Cortez noped right out of there

Fortunately, as he can be heard stating at the end of the video, he managed to capture the photo despite the sea lion’s objections

Thank goodness no selfies were harmed in the making of this video. But maybe don’t bug sea lions in the future, dude.

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Moose family has a sprinkler party in the front yard



Never has a moose family been so playful!

Eagle River, Alaska resident Candace Helm helped out a moose mom and her babies on a hot summer afternoon by letting them play in her sprinklers. Because if a moose wants to romp in your yard, you let them — obviously. “They just strolled around the house and looked really hot, so we turned on the sprinklers and they were happy,” Helm told KTUU

So that pretty much confirms the old adage: If you give a moose a sprinkler, they’re gonna want to play.

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What female Disney characters look like with more realistic facial features



Looks like Elsa, Anna and Merida just got a heavy dose of reality. On their faces, anyway

While Disney ladies are certainly lovely to behold, it’s become pretty obvious that they tend to have the same over-exaggerated features: large eyes, wide, wide cheeks and tiny chins. Basically, classic baby faces.

One Tumblr user, called TheNamelessDoll, has recreated our fave animated heroines — but this time they’ve got slightly more realistic facial proportions. And guess what: they still look good. The tumblr user insists that the intentions behind these edits are purely out of curiosity, and not meant to cast shade at any particular facial shape or proportions: Read more…

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Little baby weasel rescued by mom after falling behind siblings



Sometimes following — er, scampering — in mom’s footsteps can be a little tricky.

One baby weasel (identified as a ferret in the video title) found itself in a dilemma, when it lost its mother and presumably siblings after they disappeared over a rock wall. Fortunately, Mom hears her offspring’s concerned squeaks, and comes to the rescue

As always, mothers — even if they’re weasels — know best.

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James Franco made a bizarre parody of Shia LeBeouf’s inspirational speech



Shia LeBeouf, as everyone knows, recently made an incredibly intense inspirational video, complete with lots of yelling and emphatic hand gestures

Naturally, then, James Franco made a parody trolling it — but instead of giving you life motivation, it’s about taking a dump. (Example: Instead of “Just do it,” Franco says “Just poo it.”)

You may actually need to watch the video twice, as it takes a keen mind to pick up on the subtlety of such wit.

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Dental student removes his own wisdom teeth while looking in a mirror



If you already know how to remove your teeth, why not just cut out the middle man and do it yourself?

Jesper Ryltoft is a dental student at the Aarhus School of Dentistry in Denmark. And apparently, students there go balls-out when it comes to dental procedures — because Ryltoft just did a DIY removal of his own wisdom teeth

Full disclosure: The video is a little unpalatable for the squeamish. Ryltoft comments on the video that this is definitely not something to attempt on your own at home: “I am a dental student and had professional equipment and a dentist present when doing this.”

Props to you on your dedication, Ryltoft — but we’ll probably just let somebody else rip out our teeth for us. Read more…

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Full list of winners from Cannes 2015 unveiled



The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival has come to a close, and this year’s winners were announced on Sunday. Jacques Audiard’s Dheepan surprised everyone by taking home the Palme d’Or, Cannes’ top prize.

Dheepan portrays the lives of a pseudo-family of Sri Lankan refugees living in Paris. Its win was unexpected, as reactions to the film were less than enthusiastic at Cannes. However, jury co-presidents Ethan and Joel Coen reportedly defended the decision at a press conference after the ceremony

“We all thought it was a beautiful movie,” Ethan said. Read more…

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