Talking robot social media campaign for Unfriended movie

If you could talk to one person, real or fake, dead or alive, who would it be? In the past, this often-quoted hypothetical has been nothing more than that, hypothetical. But now, a company called imperson, hopes to make this impossible question a reality, by bringing characters to life with its advanced, customizable conversation technology. […] … [Read more...]

Kung Fu Panda 3 teaser trailer by DreamWorks

Are you ready for the Kung Fu Panda 3 teaser trailer by DreamWorks? Today Thursday 18 June 2015 the official movie trailer can be seen below. All we had a few days ago was the unofficial Kung Fu Panda 3 Chinese trailer, but now you can see the official one in all its glory before […] … [Read more...]

Star Trek ship blueprints featured on Pinterest

Star Trek is one of the most loved sci-fi shows on the planet, and to go where no man has ever gone before is the ship and there are many of them. Maybe you love the USS Enterprise, Ares, Akira, Ambassador classes and so many more, but what is your favorite? Below you will get […] … [Read more...]

Best social media analytics tools in 2015

Social media, although often dismissed by those outside of the industry as a “waste of time”, is a very powerful tool to web marketers. Anybody who hopes to sell or promote anything online will need to have some level of social media presence. Research proves that social media are becoming more and more popular, especially […] … [Read more...]

Social Proof is a tool to increase conversion: Let’s see how

So, before we move further, let us take a walk through the past. ‘Facebook’, who on this earth is not familiar with this term?? The situation was different some years back. It was used to be a local website, which was used by the students at Harvard, during the summers of 2004. Slowly, it got […] … [Read more...]

The cost of fraud in online games

Fraud equals cheating, the cost of fraud in online games – does the house always lose? Online gamers can be keen to win at all costs. But it’s critical games developers ensure those winning strategies don’t include fraud. Failing to keep ahead of cheats can harm both the reputation of the game and its finances […] … [Read more...]

CPM calculator with simple online tool

Using a CPM calculator with a simple online tool will make the difference of cents or dollars. A YouTube Money Calculator will give you a great insight of what is possible when it comes to earning money, and this is done by estimating the accepted CPM range based on how many views you enter within […] … [Read more...]

Twitter condolence with RIP Christoper Lee

Horror master Christopher Lee has sadly died aged 93. He was a legend for playing in movies such as Frankenstein and Count Dracula. Well-known figures are sending their tweets in after hearing of his passing as well as Twitter condolence with RIP Christoper Lee from fans. Christopher Lee’s recent films were the “Lord of the […] … [Read more...]

Best Twitter lists 2015: MLB Contributors

MLB 2015 begun on April 5 and finishes off on October 4, it all kicked off this year with the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. Fans are already taking to social media channels, to check on MLB drafts, standings and even Twitter followers. Social media is the best form of […] … [Read more...]

Video and photo set to dominate social by 2020

Sites like YouTube and Instagram will overtake Facebook and Twitter to be the dominant social media force by the end of the decade, marketing experts claim. Experts at London School of Marketing have analysed the growing trends in social media and the use of image and video sites among different demographics. Researchers have found that […] … [Read more...]

Twitter receives Snapchat down tweets every second

Snapchat is apparently having issues at the moment and users are taking to Twitter to let everyone know of they problems. Twitter is receiving Snapchat down tweets every second from its users because they are looking for answers. Majority of the Snapchat problems surround users not being able to log back into their application. It […] … [Read more...]

7 ways to promote your blog on social media

OK, so you have a blog now. You work hard to make it look good and even harder to write all that super exciting content. You hit the “publish” button and nothing happens. No visitors and nobody care to share your latest posts on Facebook, or even give it a single Tweet. You are starting […] … [Read more...]

Elder Scrolls Online problems plague PS4, Xbox One launch

The Elder Scrolls Online has finally been released for both PS4 and Xbox One users, but since the launch problems have occurred on both platforms with login and servers. People who got their hands on ESO were very excited to start playing as they have been waiting for it to come to the consoles for […] … [Read more...]

NBA Finals: Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors 95-93 in overtime even though they lost Kyrie Irving. In the Oracle Arena the Cavs won Game 2 of the NBA Finals and it was an epic game. To prove the atmosphere below are the NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors highlights on video. With 39 points it […] … [Read more...]