Angelina Jolie marks World Refugee Day with stirring speech in Turkey

Angelina Jolie recognized World Refugee Day by delivering a stirring speech in Turkey on Saturday about the plight of displaced people worldwide Jolie, a United Nations special envoy, spent the day with Syrian refugees at the Midyat refugee camp in Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey. It recently overtook Pakistan as the country with the highest number of refugees on Earth. More than 1.77 million Syrian refugees live in government-run and urban … [Read more...]

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps moody images of Saturn’s moon Dione

Saturn and its many moons always look so moody in black-and-white photos, and new images sent back to Earth from a probe exploring the ringed planet is no exception. NASA's Cassini spacecraft flew by Saturn's moon Dione recently, and the images it captured from that close pass are incredible. Not only does one of them show Dione in all of its cratered glory, but Cassini also managed to snap a surprising shot showing Saturn, the planet's rings and … [Read more...]

A tiny spacecraft is sitting on a speeding comet, and is not phoning home

Ever since the European Space Agency's Philae lander made a bumpy landing on a comet in deep space in November 2014, mission managers have been searching for the washing machine-sized probe on the craggy body's surface. Scientists have been pouring over images beamed to Earth by the Rosetta spacecraft orbiting Comet 67P to try to locate Philae's final landing place, and now they have at least narrowed its landing area down to one part of the … [Read more...]

Now NASA lets you go to Pluto without leaving Earth

What does the sun look like from 3 billion miles away? Although you'll probably never head out to Pluto to find out for yourself, NASA has a nifty new way of giving Earthlings a simulation of noon-time sunlight on the distant dwarf planet. See also: Pluto and its moons just got a whole lot stranger All you need to do is enter your location information on a NASA website, and it will tell you when to look outside to get the most Pluto-like sunlight … [Read more...]

The exact moment the 1-year crew arrived at the International Space Station

An astronaut and cosmonaut launched on the first yearlong mission to the International Space Station in March, and a new video released by NASA shows the very moment they safely attach to the ISS. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko's historic mission started on March 27, when they launched to space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan with cosmonaut Gennady Padalka. The Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying the three … [Read more...]

A rock is teetering on a comet’s surface, but how it got there is a mystery

A probe orbiting a comet speeding through deep space may have spied something a little odd: a huge, balancing rock on the comet's surface. The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft snapped a photo of a boulder that appears to be balancing on Comet 67P. The large boulder is about 98 feet in diameter, a little longer than an NBA basketball court. See also: Rosetta beams back more incredible comet photos “How the potential balancing rock … [Read more...]

Astronauts may suffer brain damage during a Mars mission, study suggests

Astronauts exploring the solar system on a Mars mission might experience brain damage because of exposure to space radiation, a new study suggests. If the results are confirmed by other research, they could have implications for the feasibility of NASA's planned Mars mission, set to take place sometime in the 2030s. In the study, published Friday in the journal Science Advances, scientists bombarded mice with doses of charged particles that … [Read more...]

New satellite with wind-measuring lasers may improve weather forecasts

A complicated set of space lasers designed to track Earth’s winds are now another step closer to launching next year. The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Aeolus mission is expected to use these wind-measuring lasers to help craft better weather forecasts, learn more about how the atmosphere works and gather more data about clouds, among other uses. It could also lead to more precise visualizations of the planet’s winds The lasers … [Read more...]