‘Empire’s’ Terrence Howard Debuts Baby Son On Twitter (Photo)

Terrence Howard, who stars as Lucious Lyon on Fox's "Empire," has shared a photo of his newborn baby boy. The actor debuted the sweet picture of himself and his sleeping son on Twitter on Friday. Terrence and his wife, Mira, welcomed Qirin four weeks ago, Terrence revealed exclusively to Access Hollywood while promoting "Empire" at the Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monaco. … [Read more...]

Talking robot social media campaign for Unfriended movie

If you could talk to one person, real or fake, dead or alive, who would it be? In the past, this often-quoted hypothetical has been nothing more than that, hypothetical. But now, a company called imperson, hopes to make this impossible question a reality, by bringing characters to life with its advanced, customizable conversation technology. […] … [Read more...]

Can ‘Project Lightning’ Give Twitter a Fresh Jolt?

The ubiquitous blue bird associated with Twitter (TWTR) has been incessantly chirping out new announcements this month as the social media phenom tries to pick itself back up after being slammed for weak earnings growth and the underperformance of its stock. Projections from data firm eMarketer call for the Twitter monthly user base to grow at a measly 14.1 percent this year, compared with more than 30 percent growth two years ago, according to … [Read more...]

Will the Periscope Revolution Steer Twitter’s Future?

To get a sense of why Periscope has come to be regarded as the buzzy new social app of the moment, a good place to start might be with the habits of regular “scopers” like Rosie Brown. Brown (@rosiebrownuk) is a friendly, socially active British expat who now calls Melbourne home, and part of her daily routine involves pulling out her smartphone regularly to broadcast via Twitter-owned Periscope to her friends as well as to perfect strangers … [Read more...]

Twitter to let users follow live events, not just people

Twitter Inc will start curating tweets on live events, the microblogging service said, as it plans major changes to make its real-time news feed more user friendly. Dubbed Project Lightning, the changes will let users follow events instead of just people, and instantly upload photos and videos that can be shared across websites, social news and entertainment website Buzzfeed reported on Thursday. A team of editors will curate the most visually … [Read more...]

Kung Fu Panda 3 teaser trailer by DreamWorks

Are you ready for the Kung Fu Panda 3 teaser trailer by DreamWorks? Today Thursday 18 June 2015 the official movie trailer can be seen below. All we had a few days ago was the unofficial Kung Fu Panda 3 Chinese trailer, but now you can see the official one in all its glory before […] … [Read more...]

Twitter reveals where people hate their jobs the most

Do you love or maybe even hate your job? Well - some people are expressing how they feel by tweeting about it. … [Read more...]

Star Trek ship blueprints featured on Pinterest

Star Trek is one of the most loved sci-fi shows on the planet, and to go where no man has ever gone before is the ship and there are many of them. Maybe you love the USS Enterprise, Ares, Akira, Ambassador classes and so many more, but what is your favorite? Below you will get […] … [Read more...]

Charleston Shooting: Fox News, CNN Coverage Slammed on Social Media

Twitter users took the cable-news networks to task for covering Donald Trump instead of focusing on the massacre. … [Read more...]

Twitter buys artificial intelligence startup Whetlab

Through the acquisition of Whetlab, developed by researchers at Harvard, Toronto, and Sherbrooke universities, Twitter can step up its machine learning efforts. … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Finances with Social Media

Twitter can make it easier to lodge a customer service complaint, and LinkedIn can help you land a new job. Facebook friends can offer encouragement when you share progress toward goals, and you can collect inspiring images of what you're saving for on Pinterest. There are all sorts of ways social media can give your finances a boost -- but there are also some dangers to avoid. … [Read more...]

Best social media analytics tools in 2015

Social media, although often dismissed by those outside of the industry as a “waste of time”, is a very powerful tool to web marketers. Anybody who hopes to sell or promote anything online will need to have some level of social media presence. Research proves that social media are becoming more and more popular, especially […] … [Read more...]

Social Proof is a tool to increase conversion: Let’s see how

So, before we move further, let us take a walk through the past. ‘Facebook’, who on this earth is not familiar with this term?? The situation was different some years back. It was used to be a local website, which was used by the students at Harvard, during the summers of 2004. Slowly, it got […] … [Read more...]

Microsoft CEO cracks Microsoft joke in tweet

Technically Incorrect: Microsoft is slowly becoming a very different company. An amusing Satya Nadella tweet underlines this. … [Read more...]