Amazon lightning deal: Fremo Evo turns Echo Dot into a portable Alexa speaker for $25 + MORE

Amazon lightning deal: Fremo Evo turns Echo Dot into a portable Alexa speaker for $25 - has a killer lightning deal going right now that we guarantee isn't going to last. If you've ever wished that Amazon's Echo Dot was portable instead of being tethered to a wall, your wish is about to be granted. The Fremo Evo Intelligent Battery Base is a brilliant little gadget that attaches to your Echo … [Read more...]

Solar eclipse viewers spark Oregon traffic nightmare + MORE

Nintendo is bringing a ‘Splatoon 2’ Switch bundle to the US next month - in Europe and Japan earlier this summer, the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 bundle is finally making its way West. On Thursday, Nintendo announced that Walmart will be the exclusive retail partner for the bundle in the US -- a bundle which includes a download code for Splatoon 2, a Splatoon-themed carrying case for the … [Read more...]

Scientists invent self-healing robots, ushering forth the end of mankind + MORE

Facebook reportedly axes internal ‘conservative-leaning’ chatroom which turned racist, sexist - was walking on incredibly thin ice late last year after allegations that the company's poor efforts to police fake news stories helped influence the US presidential election. Now, a report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that Facebook is taking a hard line against anything resembling racist … [Read more...]

Here are the worst cities in America for cell service + MORE

Obi-Wan Kenobi will be the focus of his own ‘Star Wars’ spinoff film - Solo isn't the only Star Wars hero getting his own solo movie. On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter learned that Stephen Daldry, best known for his work on Billy Elliot and The Hours, had been tapped to direct a standalone movie focusing on Jedi Master and Skywalker mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. Continue reading...Continue Reading On … [Read more...]

Forget Galaxy Note 8 renders – here are actual photos + MORE

8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now -'s roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free includes eight nifty apps for you to check out. There's something for everyone on Thursday's list, but you'll also find a few additional freebies in yesterday's post if eight just isn't enough for you. Continue reading... Trending right now: Google’s Pixel 2 is copying the … [Read more...]

Amazon’s 15 best deals: Control anything with Alexa, Philips Hue Dimmer discount, Roku Stick, more + MORE

Would-be jurors in Martin Shkreli case are absolute savages - you see the name Martin Shkreli, does your scalp tingle with rage? If so, you're not alone. During the jury selection process for the former pharma CEO — now being tried for securities and wire fraud — many of the potential jurors happen to fall into that group as well. As reported by Harper's, many of the would-be public servants … [Read more...]

Transform your smartphone into a Game Boy with this $50 retro accessory + MORE

Leaked Galaxy Note 8 sales brochure confirms some of the phone’s hottest features - like winter, the Galaxy Note 8 is coming next week, which probably explains why what looks like an official Galaxy Note 8 sales brochure leaked in Australia. Continue reading... Trending right now: Google’s Pixel 2 is copying the wrong phone T-Mobile just took a huge step towards beating Verizon once and … [Read more...]

Facebook’s designers are stuck in the past — in one way, at least + MORE

Netflix plans to spend $7 billion on content next year - there's one thing we know about Netflix, it's that the streaming giant isn't afraid to spend big bucks to keep its growing subscriber base happy. As a prime example, it's widely believed that Netflix earlier this year agreed to pay Jerry Seinfeld upwards of $100 million for two brand new stand-up specials along with a smattering of scripted … [Read more...]

Top insider confirms the Apple Watch will have LTE, but there’s a big catch + MORE

Top insider confirms the Apple Watch will have LTE, but there’s a big catch - reports published over the last few days, we've learned that the Apple Watch 3's biggest change is going to be the addition of an LTE radio. It's supposed to take the Apple Watch from a fancy iPhone accessory and turn it into a grown-up independent gadget. But Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities and one of the most … [Read more...]

Nintendo Switch consoles are still warping while sitting in the dock + MORE

Nintendo Switch consoles are still warping while sitting in the dock - things considered, the launch of the Nintendo Switch was relatively smooth. Other than the supply problems, the only major issue at launch came in the form of the left Joy-Con controller failing to pair with the console. Nintendo addressed the issue, but in the weeks following the March launch, another, far more sinister … [Read more...]

Meet the Nokia 8: Specs, price and release date revealed + MORE

Scientists solve mystery of ‘Frankenstein dinosaur’ - dinosaur that puzzled researchers thanks to the incredibly puzzling design of its body finally has its place in history thanks to a team of scientists from Cambridge and the Natural History Museum in London. The Chilesaurus, which has been nicknamed the "Frankenstein dinosaur" due to it appearing as though it were patched together from other, … [Read more...]

Apple is making a $1 billion bet on its next big business + MORE

NASA’s risky decision to send maps into space could make us targets for alien marauders -'s vigorous drive to find — or be found by — intelligent life outside of Earth could one day lead to our total annihilation, or at least that's the fear of some in the scientific community. Now, decades after drawing up directions to our planet and sending them into deep space, the creator of the maps is … [Read more...]

Nest’s Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam are both discounted right now on Amazon + MORE

This console is basically a Nintendo Switch that plays every SNES game ever - you sick and tired of waiting for the Nintendo Switch to actually be in stock in a nearby store? Do you refuse to pay a premium to get a Switch right now on Amazon? Do you love the idea of the SNES Classic but you don’t want to fight to get one once they’re released? We’ve got a single device … [Read more...]

Amazon’s 15 top deals: iPhone 7 Plus wireless charger case, Philips Hue Dimmer Kit, Surface 3, more + MORE

These stunning images might show what Apple’s iPhone 8 looks like in real life - 8 dummies are great. We love iPhone 8 dummies. In fact, we got our hands on one ourselves recently. These physical mockups of Apple's next-generation iPhone give us a terrific idea of what to expect from the iPhone 8 in terms of the phone's general design. They're also great for comparing Apple's upcoming new … [Read more...]